$50 cash back for new Discover cardholders

Discover has a great introductory offer if you’re in the market for a good cash back card. From now until December 31st, 2013, when you are referred by a current cardholder and you apply for the DiscoverIt card and use it just once, your account will be credited for $50 of cash back, and your referring friend will also get credited $50 to their account. It’s a win-win!


If you have the DiscoverIt card, you can refer up to 10 friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or simply via email. Your friends will get an email invite from you, and by clicking on the link, they can apply and get $50 as soon as they use the card, and you will also get $50.

To refer your friends, log in to your Discover account and go to the Cash Back section:


Then click the “Share Now” button:

DiscoverEnter your friends’ information (you can enter multiple addresses) and send the invite.

Your friends will receive the email below. Make sure they click through the “Get Started” button so each of them qualify for the $50 cash back:


Why Discover is a good credit card:
While most of us are in the miles and points game, sometimes cash back savings make more sense. The DiscoverIt card has rotating 5% bonus categories year-round, up to $1,500 each quarter. By leveraging these cash back categories, that’s $300 per year in cash back. Coupled with the current offer, that would make it a total of $350 right back into your pocket for the first year with the card.

In the second quarter of 2013, the category was Home Improvement stores. The third quarter of 2013, it was gas purchases, and the current category is all online purchases which is great as everyone gears up for the holiday season.

Now, if you’re thinking you don’t really shop at home improvement stores, or don’t really spend so much on gas, you can still get all of your cash back each year. For instance, Lowe’s and Home Depot sell tons of merchant gift cards, from restaurants and gas cards, to Amazon, hotel and airline gift cards. So basically you can earn 5% cash back on most everyday purchases by buying gift cards at those stores when the bonus category is home improvement stores, like this example explains. The same can be said of gas stations. They sell many gift cards to other merchants, and last quarter when the 5% cash back was gas stations, I made at least $1,500 in purchases between regular gas and other gift cards.

The Discover card is also great because it carries no annual fee, and it allows you to realize savings via cash back as well as a shopping portal where you can get as much as 20% cash back by purchasing from many other merchants.

So if you have the card and have friends who are interested in applying, you can simply login to your account, go to the CashBack section, and follow the prompts and send them an email so they can sign up and take advantage of the $50 cash back, plus all the savings above.

The terms of the offer say that in order to earn the initial $50 bonus, you must be referred by a current cardholder. If you currently don’t have this card and would like to take advantage of this offer but don’t have anyone who can refer you, we’ll be happy to refer you. Just drop us a line at travelguys@freetravelguys.com with your first and last name and your email address, and we’ll be happy to send you a referral link.

Enjoy the savings!

Disclosure: As mentioned in this article, in addition to the $50 cash back you will earn for obtaining the card and using it once, we will receive an equivalent $50 commission if we send you an email referral link. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading our site.

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