Ultimate Rewards as an option for booking car rentals

I usually don’t like to waste my Ultimate Rewards points and car rentals are usually not the best way to redeem points or airline miles, but it can certainly pay off if the prices of what you need to book are high enough to justify booking with points.

For instance, I had a car reservation booked for $160 for a day and a half (after taxes and fees), which is a very steep price to pay for a reservation. After I reserved, the prices went up even higher, to around $200.

SEALately I’ve been swimming on points, with too many of them and too little time to take off, so I had to consider booking with points. I checked car rentals with British Airways but it was pricing out at something crazy like 22,000 points.

So finally I checked with Chase through the Ultimate Rewards portal, and it priced that same reservation at only 7,739 points.

SEAHertzAt the price I was paying for my original rental, it’s a return of 2 cents per point, which is pretty great. I called Chase to confirm that the rental includes all taxes and fees.

Ultimate Rewards points are very valuable and versatile, and this is one of the many ways they can be used beyond the traditional transfers to airlines and hotels.

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