My most recent credit card churn

A few days ago I did another credit card application round.  My main plan was to target hotel rewards as I am in need of hotel points for some stays I have coming up.

My plan was to get more into the Hyatt chain as I haven’t stayed with them in years and they are a really good brand. So my first plan was to go for the Chase Hyatt Visa, which gets you 2 free nights at any 1-4 category property after completing the minimum spending. I also wanted the Club Carlson U.S. Bank Visa Signature card, as you can basically stretch your reward stays twice as much with this card, as detailed in this article. I also really wanted the Chase Ink Plus card, since this card is currently offering 50,000 Ultimate Reward bonus points, which can also transfer to Hyatt.

After planning out my strategy and making sure my CreditKarma score was up for it, I decided to apply for all 3 credit cards. On all 3 of my applications, I got the “your application needs further consideration” message, so I immediately called the Chase reconsideration line to work my way through the system, but unfortunately I timed out, since they close at 10:00 p.m. ET.

First thing the next morning I called again. The Chase Hyatt Visa was easy. APPROVED! The rep approved me right away. 1 for 3 so far.

The Chase Ink card was next, and that proved to be harder than what I thought. It actually took three separate phone calls to three different reps, but after persisting I finally got one to APPROVE me!

U.S. Bank was a long shot. Originally I wanted the card but I was convinced I wasn’t going to get it, because U.S. Bank doesn’t like to see a lot of inquiries on your credit report, and I’ve had a few over the past year from credit card sign ups. They actually took about a week, and still no response. After I was losing all hope, I got this email message:


APPROVED! I was shocked. I really wasn’t expecting to get approved and was already thinking of Plan B, which was having my wife apply for it.

In the end, it was a very successful churn that got me exactly what we needed for the next few stays we have planned this year.

Now time to build up minimum spending!


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7 Responses to My most recent credit card churn

  1. BFD says:

    How many credit cards had you applied for in the year preceding this churn? I too want the Club Carlson, but have applied and been approved for about 10 cards this past year? Has anyone been approved for CC with this many previous applications?

  2. Guy LoFaso says:

    I was wondering what do you do with your old credit cards do you cancel them before the annual fee is due?

    • travelguys says:

      Depends. My first choice is to call the bank and try to negotiate a retention bonus to keep the card. But inevitably you will be canceling cards. Sometimes canceling makes sense financially and also gets you closer to being able to reapply for that same card and bonus since some banks have a time period before you can earn the bonus again.

      • shonuffharlem says:

        I would love to see an article on guestimates of time periods from cancellation to when you can reapply and get bonus for different cards….seems not to really be discussed much anywhere. Great blog read you always!

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