Today is the last day to transfer Amex points to British Airways at 35%

Back in April we wrote about the 35% transfer bonus from Amex to British Airways and gave some examples of how you could take advantage of Avios to fly both domestically and internationally.


Today is the last day to transfer points at 35%, so if you have some points lingering around and you have no use for them, this might be a good time to get rid of them at 35% higher. Also, if you only have a single Amex card earning Membership Reward points and you plan on closing that card in the near future to avoid the annual fee, remember that you lose your Amex points, so if this the route you plan on taking, this is also the time to transfer them so you don’t lose them.

I personally decided to sit this one out, as both me and my wife have a ton of points on our account and we’d rather keep the Amex points where they are for more flexibility. We haven’t been using Avios much lately as we have been taking advantage of our Southwest Companion Pass to fly for half the points everywhere we go. Hopefully there will be a higher transfer bonus at some other point.

Either way, today is the last day, so it’s decision time if you’re still on the fence. Are you pulling the trigger on this offer?

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