New cash back offers from American Express

If you’re not familiar with the American Express cash back offers, they are an excellent way to save some money via cash back for purchasing items that you would end up buying anyway. The cash back amounts post automatically to your account when you use your eligible card at selected merchants. The only catch is that you have to actually add the offer to your card on the American Express portal.

When you’re logged into your American Express account, for each card you have, go to the section on the portal that says “Amex Offers For You”, and then  click the button that says “Offers Available for Card – XXXXX” to browse through all your available offers:

AmexOnce there, any offers that you’re interested in, simply click the “Save Offer” button to add them to your card. You must do this to be eligible for the cash back credit.

Some of the offers that I thought were interesting and I added to my SPG Amex were the following:

AmexThe Macy’s $20 credit after spending $100 is basically 20% return on your money. The Dunkin’ Donuts offer, while it isn’t big dollars, it’s free money, since you get $5 back after spending $5. If you’re planning on buying any concert or other event tickets, add Ticketmaster for a 33% return on your money, as you can get $25 credit after spending $75.

There is also a Hilton hotels $50 cash back offer when you spend $250 or more at one of their properties (Hilton brand only, according to the terms, so all other brands such as Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, etc. are excluded).

AmexI love the fact that Amex keeps throwing big credits out there that more than pay for my annual fee on my Platinum Amex, such as last year’s Amazon $25 credit after spending $75, which I was able to take advantage of multiple times by using all my Amex cards, as well as my wife’s.

If you have American Express cards, log into your account and check the current offers and take advantage of these easy, free money credits. Don’t forget also that until June 30th, the American Express SPG personal and business cards have an increased bonus of 30,000 SPG points, which only comes once a year each summer.

Have you seen any interesting offers that you plan to take advantage of on your own Amex cards?


Disclosure: While we don’t receive a commission if you are approved for the American Express cards above, we do receive bonus points according to Amex’s latest referral offer. As always, thank you for your support and for reading our blog. 

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