Hiding Vanilla Reload cards – not cool

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Amex BlueBird card, a great option that you can use to earn frequent flyer miles and points for paying your mortgage, student loans, utilities, and other expenses that generally cannot be paid with credit cards. The card is loaded by using Vanilla Reload cards, which can be purchased at locations like CVS. The Vanilla Reload cards can be purchased in up to $500 denominations, and they look like this:

Vanilla reload


Since this option became available, Vanilla Reload cards are flying off the shelves, with some stores even restricting the amount of cards you can buy, or how you pay for them.

Unfortunately, some people get greedy and resort to tactics that I don’t personally consider ethical, such as buying 1 or 2 cards and hiding more somewhere else in the store or on the shelves behind other gift cards so they can come back another day and have the cards there available for them to buy more. Hoarding all the cards for themselves and not letting everyone share on the deal is not ethical in my book, but let’s get beyond that.

Point being that if you’re at a store and can’t find any, one of two things have probably happened. They are either out, in which case keep checking every day, or someone has hidden the available cards, so really look all over the gift card shelves and behind other cards. They might have some available to purchase.

Let’s all try to benefit from this deal while it is available.

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  1. Nancy says:

    We just ordered the bluebird checks and are getting the first 100 checks for free. They extended the promo until aug 13, 2013

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