Combining SPG accounts for more flexibility

One of the great features of the SPG program is the ability to transfer points to someone in your household for free. The main requirement is that the addresses of both the donor and the recipient must match and they must have been the same for the past 30 days.

The main reason why you would want to transfer points to someone else is because you don’t have enough points to book a stay. This was the case with me and my wife. We are planning a trip to Washington DC, and my account only had just over 16,000 points, and her account had 23,000. We needed a 3-night stay at 10,000 points per night, so neither one of us had enough points for the stay.

An additional and very good benefit to transferring points is to leverage the other person’s elevated status given that you both don’t have the same status.

You can either call the SPG customer service line, or jump on a secure chat with them, which is what I opted to do. You cannot do it via email since they have to verify your password and other personal information. The transfer takes about 7-10 days to complete. It’s an easy way to boost your account balance if you have a redemption already in mind. In our case, it only took 3 business days for the points to post:


To obtain SPG’s sign-up bonus (currently 25,000 points after minimum spending is met) you can apply for the American Express SPG card.

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