BlueBird checks are still free

If you have an American Express BlueBird account, don’t forget that BlueBird is still offering free checks, now until January 1, 2014.


Now, the page says your account is limited to only one free order, but it looks like the website is programmed to allow you to order for free at least more than once, since I’ve already ordered mine a few months back when the promotion started, but when I try to order more I am still offered the checks free all the way through the very last screen. Now granted, I didn’t actually complete the order since I will be moving in a few months and there is no point on getting checks with my current address, but it seems like you can get free checks at least more than once.

The checks are expensive to order. Get them free while you can, as they are very valuable in helping you earn miles and points while paying for expenses you normally can’t pay with credit cards.

For a refresher on how the BlueBird account works, you can refer to this prior article.


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2 Responses to BlueBird checks are still free

  1. Guin Lyster says:

    Appreciate your articles. Learning a lot from them. FYI …

    Bluebird checks are free till April 1, 2014. Read Sec 17 a. It reads:

    Order 50 Bluebird Checks $19.94 plus $5.94 shipping plus applicable sales taxes
    Order 100 Bluebird Checks $26.94 plus $6.94 shipping plus applicable sales taxes
    Checkbook order fees are waived through April 1, 2014. During the waiver period, Members are limited to one (1) Bluebird Check order

    • travelguys says:

      Guin, seems to be a never ending promo. It is true though that it’s only one free order as I ordered checks last year for free and the system won’t let me order more. Hopefully everyone can get some free checks at some point.

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