Amex 100,000 bonus points posted!

At the beginning of this month we alerted everyone about an amazing deal from American Express for their Platinum card product. The deal required $3,000 in spending in 3 months for 100,000 bonus points. All of us jumped in on the offer, which lasted for only approximately 12 hours before it got taken down. I’m happy to report that after using some tricks like the Vanilla Debit card and Amazon Payments, plus other strategies I use on a daily basis, I spend all $3,000 in less than 20 days, and we’re well on our way to meeting the same spending on my wife’s card. I woke up this morning to one of the most beautiful sights of the miles and points game. 100,000 nice and crisp Membership Reward points posting into my account, to bring my total balance up to 278,757 points!

Amex bonus posted

We’re saving points so that me and my wife can one day fly first class on Singapore Airlines, one of the best airlines in the world, but you can also take advantage of transfer bonuses like last year’s 50% transfer bonus to British Airways. This could bring my total up to 418,000 Avios if I would decide to go that route in the future. Here is an example of the crazy amount of flights you can take for free with that many points.

We’ll keep searching for amazing offers like this one and will get the word out to everyone once they’re available.

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