I’m moving to San Antonio!

Last Friday was my last day at my “day job”, and with that, I closed an 11-year chapter in my life and I’m starting a brand new one. My wife and I will be moving this month from Miami to …

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Car Rentals Resources

Some months back we posted information on hotwire and car rentals. Although these rentals don’t earn miles with the vendor, they could be used to save you a substantial amount of money on car rentals. Another source that we typically …

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Happy Mothers’ Day!

Wishing all the supermoms in the world a great Mothers’ Day. May today be filled with great celebrations and lots of well wishes from all your loved ones. Thank you for all you do!

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The one thing I have to do when I travel


I’m a baseball junkie. Unfortunately, the closest thing we have to a Major League baseball team in Miami is the Miami Heat. So when my wife and I travel somewhere, she is forced to go through the ritual of visiting …

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Connecticut – Part 3 – Lounge Access


A few weeks back my wife and I each got the Amex Platinum as part of the crazy 100K point offer which lasted only about 12 hours.  This card offers complementary lounge access on American, Delta and US Airways.  This …

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The deal that got me into this game

Sometime in 2011 there was an article in Yahoo about a travel-hacking deal that had been going on for a long time, until the story went public. When I read it, I was fascinated by it, and right there and …

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Our 2012 miles and points final tally

2012 was our first full year of travel-hacking, and when we added the totals up, we were impressed, as sometimes you get so caught up on this game that you don’t stop and admire the final product. Here’s the final …

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Cash Back Card Offer

Most times we don’t apply for cash back cards because we can turn points into much better returns.  But here is a card by Discover which comes with a great cash back option. The Discover it is offering 5% cash back …

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Watch out for the Knee Defender!


If you’ve ever been on a flight and your seat doesn’t recline, don’t assume it is broken. This might be the problem: This product is called the Knee Defender, and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding it, since it lets …

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