Disney’s hidden gem – the Baby Care Center


On my son’s first visit to Disney World, my wife had mentioned wanting to check out the park’s baby care center. I wanted to write a post about it, not only because I was very impressed by how well set …

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International Travel Reminder

Recently I flew out of the country and did not follow my own standard protocol.  I failed to notify my banks of the trip. As you would have it my ATM card declined a withdrawal and my credit card was …

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Handling your mail and packages while on vacation


Whenever I go on vacation for an extended period of time, one of my packing checklist items is to place a hold on my mail with the post office. Placing the mail on hold when you’re away is not only …

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Gogo Internet Free Flight Search


It’s rather amazing that you can be lounging on an airplane while flying at 400+ mph and 30,000+ feet in the air and get internet access using Gogo internet.  Gogo does come at a fee which isn’t too bad, but …

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Can you drink your own alcohol on your flight?


A few days ago I was reading an article on travel tips, one of which (#28) suggested rather expressly that you could carry alcohol mini-bottles through TSA security, pop them open on your flight and have a party, and save …

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Finding the best pet sitter while you travel – Rover.com


I wanted to share a pet sitting service that we found not too long ago that has turned out to be a great tool for us when traveling. We have an 80-lbs German Shepherd “puppy” who’s still growing and loves …

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Surviving flight delays and cancellations


In the past couple of months I’ve had a couple of flight cancellations and delays, both of which I’ve been able to resolve successfully (playing the cards I’ve been dealt at the time). So I thought it would be a …

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Saving money on beverages while traveling


Last month as I was flying out of San Diego I finally ran into one of the bottle water dispensers at the terminal. I had read about these dispensers before, but I hadn’t actually seen one yet until then. The …

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Using Southwest’s $12.50 Early-Boarding option


For anyone not familiar with Southwest and in case you fly them in the future, just know that Southwest offers an early boarding option at $12.50 per passenger that will allow you to board with a better boarding position. Southwest …

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Travel tip – don’t forget the free “Fragile” tags


A couple of days ago while we flew out of San Juan back home, I was carrying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue (my favorite spirit!) that my parents had purchased for me during our cruise. While I hardly ever …

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