1,000 Southwest points for using TurboTax


As with the past couple of years, you can earn 1,000 Southwest points for using the majority of the TurboTax products to get your 2013 taxes done. You can also earn an additional 500 points for ordering a copy of …

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Reminder – deadline for 3rd quarter estimated tax payments (and miles earnings) coming up


Just a brief post to remind you all that the deadline for sending estimated tax payments for the 3rd quarter of 2013 is coming up. The deadline to send the payment is September 16, 2013. In my experience, it takes …

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Going on a mattress run? Consider making it tax deductible


I’m planning a few mattress runs for the next couple of months, and it suddenly hit me: What if I could make one or two of them tax deductible? If I will pay for a hotel room and travel somewhere, …

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Today is tax deadline – did you get them done?


We hope you didn’t forget to file your taxes! If you’re one who likes to wait until the last minute, don’t forget about Southwest’s promotion of 1,000 Southwest Rapid Reward points for filing with TurboTax’s free online version on the …

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Southwest TurboTax 1,000 points posted without a glitch!


A couple of months ago we wrote about a promotional offer through the Southwest shopping portal where you can earn 1,000 Rapid Rewards points for using TurboTax. I do not use the TurboTax free online version when I prepare my …

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Paying my taxes online and earning miles for it


A few months ago we wrote about a way you can earn Delta miles for paying your federal income taxes. After finally completing my federal income taxes using TurboTax, it was time to pay my balance due. I purposely underpay …

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An example of when not to use miles or points to travel

While everyone likes to travel for free, there are times when it makes more sense to actually pay for a flight or a hotel reservation. IRS rules stipulates that trips paid for with miles and points aren’t tax deductible, and it is …

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1,000 Southwest points for using TurboTax


Southwest currently has a promotion through April 15, 2013 where you can get 1,000 Rapid Reward points for preparing and filing your taxes using TurboTax. Most versions qualify for the bonus points, including the free version, so this is an …

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How to earn Delta miles by paying your taxes

There are many ways to earn miles and points for paying things that you would not otherwise earn miles for, such as paying your mortgage, student loans, utilities and taxes. We will cover most of these in the future, but …

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