$20 off $300 or more in Visa or MasterCard gift cards


OfficeMax has an ongoing promotion all the way to December 27, 2014, where they giving a $20 discount on Visa or MasterCard gift cards purchases of least $300 in value. There is a limit of two $20 discounts per customer. …

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RedBird is awesome! My experience using Target’s Prepaid Card


A few days ago I finally received my permanent Target Prepaid RedCard (aka RedBird) and have been using it now for a few days, and I have to say so far the experience has been awesome. Red Card is the …

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Don’t forget about this additional tool to boost your minimum spending


Lately we have been writing about the great current offer from Citi for 100,000 AAdvantage miles on their Executive World Elite MasterCard, which requires quite a bit of spending at $10,000 within 3 months. Yesterday we also published several tips …

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Tips on how to meet minimum spending (repost)


Since we have not written about this topic in a while, we thought it would be a good idea to post a refresher about things you can do to meet minimum spending. Many readers have been asking this question due …

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My latest credit card churn, and why

With the new American and U.S. Airways merger going forward, and the time that had already passed since my last credit card churn, I was ready for another one, and the main theme for this particular churn were American and …

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New Vanilla Reloads location (but not so fast!)


Most of you know that my wife and I recently moved to San Antonio, so we’ve been doing our grocery shopping at H.E.B. If you’ve never heard of H.E.B., they are a pretty large regional grocery chain. They are actually …

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Use Visa or MasterCard at Costco?!


Costco stores have historically accepted American Express, Debit, or of course CASH!  Well, if you are working towards a minimum spend bonus on a Visa or MasterCard and like us you shop a lot Costco, there’s a solution. Oddly enough, …

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Last day to apply for Chase increased sign-up bonuses

Earlier this week we wrote about the temporary increase in the sign-up bonus for both the Chase Ink Plus and Ink Bold cards. Today is the deadline to sign up for either of those cards to get the higher 60,000 …

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Chase increases Ink sign up bonus to 60,000 for limited time


For limited time and until Saturday, June 22nd, Chase has increased the sign up bonus to 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points (normally 50,000) for both the Ink Plus and Ink Bold credit cards when you spend a minimum of $5,000 within …

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Tips for meeting minimum spending requirements


In the past we have offered a few tips on how to meet minimum spending requirements to get sign up bonuses on new credit cards. We thought we would briefly summarize some of them here: 1- Pay as many expenses …

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