Dining Reward bonuses coming to an end on 8/31/14


The end of the month is coming up and with it the first 8 months out of 2014 are drawing to a close. Wow, where has the year gone? With that date, remember that there are some dining reward targeted …

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Quadruple dip on dinners


Last month I wrote in this article about how you could possibly double and triple dip when having dinner at some of your favorite local restaurants. This time I wanted  to share a more specific example of how to not …

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Points to the max and triple dip using the dining programs


If you’re not familiar with the dining reward programs for each of the major airlines, they are a great tool for earning additional miles on top of whatever credit card miles or points you earn by paying for dinner. In …

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3x points on first Friday of every month with Chase Sapphire – all 2014


Your Chase Sapphire card will now earn you 3 points per dollar spent (instead of the usual 2 points) when you use your card at restaurants the first Friday of every month in 2014. No registration is required. Simply mark …

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1,000 AAdvantage miles for new dining reward members!


Yesterday I went into the AA Dining Rewards network website and noticed a banner targeting new members for 1,000 AAdvantage miles when you join the program, spend $30 on a single dinner at a participating restaurant, and complete the restaurant’s …

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Dining rewards – don’t forget to register new cards


We use dining reward programs regularly as they are a great way to earn extra miles when having dinner with the family. They are also a great way to reset the expiration clock on your miles. While many times we …

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VIP in Delta’s dining rewards


In addition to AA’s dining rewards program, I now also have VIP status with Delta’s dining program. I did this over a period of 2-3 weeks and it only cost me about $20 in total morning coffees and pastries. I …

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Happy Valentines’ Day!

We wish all of you a great Valentines’ Day! If you’re looking for last minute specials, refer to this prior post for some great bonus offers, or take your special someone to one of the places that participates in the Dining …

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I’m officially VIP again


At the beginning of this year we described in this post how the dining rewards network works, and how you can earn additional miles (up to 5 miles per dollar) when dining out. One unique feature that differs from other …

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New year means re-qualifying for dining programs’ VIP status

The dining reward programs are a great way to earn additional miles when dining out.  They pay from 3-5 additional miles per dollar spent in participating restaurants for each visit.  Earning VIP status allows you to earn 5 points per …

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