Southwest TurboTax 1,000 points posted without a glitch!

A couple of months ago we wrote about a promotional offer through the Southwest shopping portal where you can earn 1,000 Rapid Rewards points for using TurboTax. I do not use the TurboTax free online version when I prepare my taxes, but I do my entire family’s taxes each year and one of the tax returns that I prepared was simple enough that the free online version would be sufficient.

So I went through Southwest’s shopping portal, linked up to TurboTax, put my own Rapid Rewards number, finished the tax return, and sat and waited for the points.

I’m happy to report that it took a little over a month, but the points posted to my account a few days ago.

Southwest TurboTax points

These were easy points to earn. TurboTax has a free online version that you can use if your tax return is simple enough, and if you follow the instructions on this article you should be able to earn an easy 1,000 points that you can put towards saving for your next free flight.

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2 Responses to Southwest TurboTax 1,000 points posted without a glitch!

  1. Christian McCarthy says:

    Thanks, I’ve been waiting. Good to know. We’re they tier qualifying? Probably not.

    • travelguys says:

      Christian, it doesn’t look like it, since they don’t show up under my A-List progress tracking. Still, points are points in my book, so I’m happy with them.

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