Southwest 50,000 points offers (aka Companion Pass) are back!

Talk about great timing. Yesterday I wrote how I received the Southwest Companion Pass, which has already saved me thousands of points in future bookings. At the time we wrote this article, the best available offer was the 25,000 bonus points for both the personal and business cards.

That being said, the 50,000 points offers are now back on, and this is a great time to rack up some Rapid Reward points to earn that valuable Companion Pass, which is then good for the year in which you earn it, and the following year (in this case through December 2014). To learn additional details about how the Companion Pass works, you can also refer to this prior article.

Southwest card

To earn the Companion Pass, you need to earn a total of 110,000 Rapid Reward points in a calendar year. In order to do this, you can get both the Southwest personal and business cards. The current offers award 50,000 points for each card after meeting the required $2,000 minimum spending within 3 months of getting the cards. You can always get a business card even if you think you don’t have a business. After you spend the $2,000 on each card, you will have 104,000 points post to your account. If you spend another $6,000 on everyday purchases and do some clever spending, that will get you to 110,000 points, which is the required amount for a Companion Pass.

Once you get the Companion Pass, you can fly a designated companion for free both on points and on paid flights for as long as you have the pass.


Disclaimer: Technically and according to Southwest rules, the 50,000 bonus points do not actually count towards a companion pass.  However, this offer has been available on and off for several years, with everyone who has taken it, (including myself) reporting that the bonus points have worked just fine and the companion pass has been issued to the account. I have already used mine successfully.

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