My Hawaiian Airlines/Hilton transfer “Oops!” moment

A couple of weeks ago I received the bonus 15,000 Hawaiian miles that were pending on my account from my October App-O-Rama, and I mentioned how I intended to use them.

This was a very easy bonus to hit, as it only required $1,000 of spending in 4 months, and consequently, I got too confident about it and decided to take my time, and it cost me. I barely spent the $1,000 needed, and when I didn’t see the miles post, I checked my statement and I realized I had returned an item to the store and forgot all about it, so when the credit posted to my account, it took my net spending down to $993. So by the time I realized my error the statement had already closed and I had to spend the remaining $7 and wait an entire additional month for the statement to close again and the final 15,000 miles to post. Ugh!!!!!

After that, it took an additional 7 days for the miles to transfer and post to my Hilton account, and by the time I went to book the Embassy Suites hotel in Vegas, all the rooms were already gone!

Embassy Suites reservation

That hotel was perfect for us, because it was a 2-bedroom suite that we needed to have my in-laws stay with us for the night, and it included free breakfast with my Gold status, free WiFi and late check-out. Oh well….had to make other arrangements and book a Marriott with a free night certificate I had from a prior Marriott promotion last year.

When you juggle so many credit cards, promotions and miles and points, these things are bound to happen, and I guess the moral of the story is to pay more attention to what I’m doing and keep an eye on the minimum spending and any returns I might be getting back on the card. I got too confident with this easy bonus requirement, and it cost me a good hotel room. Don’t worry, it all ends well, and I will be posting a follow-up to what I did with my unused Hilton points.

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