Good targeted offer from U.S. Airways MasterCard

It’s the card that keeps on giving. Yesterday I received a targeted email from my U.S. Airways MasterCard offering 5,000 bonus miles for spending $500 in each of the months of October, November and December 2014. This is actually my second active U.S. Airways MasterCard, and I was planning on closing both cards after having gotten as much as I thought I’d possibly could out of both cards after getting the non-usage targeted bonus of 15,000 miles.

U.S.Airways-MasterCardThis really throws a curveball on my plans for the year. Since the card does come with a 10,000 annual renewal bonus miles in lieu of the $89 annual fee, keeping the card and spending a total of $1,500 over 3 months earns me 16,500 miles, which to me is worth much more than the annual fee.

So, I’ll be closing my first U.S. Airways MasterCard after transferring my line of credit to the second card, meet the minimum spending, and keeping the second card for the foreseeable future.

One observation if you get a similar offer: When I called to confirm the offer, the phone rep who spoke to me told me that they needed to opt me into the offer with their Marketing department. It almost sounded like I needed to register to qualify, but my email invitation didn’t mention anything about signing up, and in previous offers it hasn’t been necessary. In the end I think the phone rep made a mistake, but if you receive a similar offer and are planning on going for it, it doesn’t hurt to place a call and confirm the terms and “opt in”.

So check your email and spam filter and see if you’ve received a similar offer and decide whether it’s good for you.

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