Getting easy miles while the U.S. Airways Mastercard is still around

The current merger between American and U.S. Airways has created some great opportunities to get some easy future AA miles, which I value significantly due to AA’s prominent presence in Miami. It is expected that when the merger is completed, miles between the two airline programs will be interchangeable, and eventually will all be AA miles.

The U.S. Airways MasterCard is expected to eventually go away (no one knows exactly when). The card offers an easy sign-up bonus of 30,000 miles as soon as you make your first purchase, so you can think of this card as getting an easy 30,000 eventual AA miles without having to barely spend any money. You can also get up to an additional 10,000 miles for transferring balances. Additional details on the card’s benefits can be found on this page.

There is also the potential to earn an additional 15,000 miles (targeted) after you earn the initial bonus.

When the merger is completed, you should then be able to transfer those U.S. Airways miles to American for free or you can simply use them for a free roundtrip flight in U.S. Airways as well.

You can apply for the U.S. Airways MasterCard here.

There is also another offer for this card which appears to have a higher sign-up bonus of 35,000 miles and the annual fee waived for the first year (not our referral link). You can check out that offer here. If you go through that page, I would be sure to save the terms and conditions and take screenshots.



Disclaimer: We do receive a commission if you apply for the card above using one of our referral links. As always, we truly appreciate you reading our website and the support is always appreciated.

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4 Responses to Getting easy miles while the U.S. Airways Mastercard is still around

  1. Dorinda Nicholson says:

    applied at your link for the 35,000 US airways, no fee.
    Got instant approval, will let you know when the card comes if it indeed is 35,000 with no fee.

    • travelguys says:

      Dorinda, that’s great to hear. The 35k with no fee is a public offer and not our link and that’s why we just recommend you take screenshots, just in case, but people are reporting it’s working, so hopefully should be ok. Let us know how you do when the card comes in. Thanks for your consideration though, we really appreciate it. Keep on reading!

  2. Mildred Spinner says:

    I am new to this, if there are 2 credit card offers, why would I choose the first one?

    • travelguys says:

      Mildred, the second offer appears better at face value since there’s no annual fee and you get 5k more, but it’s a link that I don’t believe is supposed to be out there. Many report it’s worked so far and the bank has honored it, although we can’t vouch for it since it’s not our link. There’s always a small chance it won’t work, but probably worth giving it a shot.

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