Bonus miles on your card’s anniversary date

Barclays’ U.S. Airways MasterCard:
A few days ago as I was getting ready to cancel my U.S.Airways MasterCard (the annual fee was coming up), I noticed 10,000 shiny new miles on my account. I had no idea what the miles were for, and I wasn’t asking too many questions. However, I had forgotten that the version of the U.S. Airways MasterCard that grants 35,000 bonus miles at first use of the card and waives the $89 annual fee also comes with an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles. While the terms and conditions say that the 10,000 anniversary miles are awarded after the annual fee is charged, in my case the annual fee had not hit the account yet, and the miles were there, even though they were under the title of “Everyday 50% Bonus”:


In any case, I still wanted to cancel the card since I didn’t want to pay the annual fee, so I called the credit card company and they agreed to waive the fee for a year, so I decided to keep the card. Since this credit card is churnable, I may end up closing it and reopening it in a few months, depending on what happens with the pending AA and U.S. Airways merger.

Bank of America Hawaiian Air Visa Signature card:
I was also getting ready to cancel this card as the annual fee was coming up as well. In the month leading up to the annual fee, I decided to spend a couple of thousand dollars on the account just to bring my Hawaiian miles total to 5,000 useless miles so I could transfer them to Hilton for 10,000 useless points (I know, I know). So once I hit the required spending I stopped and waited for the statement to close, and this is what I ended up with:


Hawaiian-AirOuch! I was hoping to clear the account, and completely forgot about the 2,000 anniversary miles. I’ll still close the credit card on the next few days, but that will probably mean I will get stuck with another 2,000 miles which will just bother me to track and have sitting there. I may just hang on to the miles and use them for an inter-island award when I visit Hawaii again.

While too many miles is a good problem to have, it is always a good idea to review the terms and conditions of your credit cards as the annual fee is coming up, so you can plan accordingly and not have any last minute surprises and don’t spend money unnecessarily just like I did in this case.


Disclosure: We do NOT receive any commission or other form of compensation if you apply for the two cards mentioned above. The U.S. Airways MasterCard link is a current public offer and is the best offer we are aware of, as mentioned on this Flyertalk thread. As always, thanks for reading our site.


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