Another round of Hawaiian miles posted

The last and final batch of 15,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles posted to my account yesterday after my Bank of America credit card statement closed. I wrote about this card when I detailed my first App-O-Rama in this article. I never intended to use my Hawaiian miles. I got the card only with the purpose of immediately converting the miles to Hilton Honors points, since the miles transfer on a 1 – 2 basis, 15,000 Hawaiian miles translates into 30,000 Hilton Honors points.

As soon as I got the miles, I went ahead and called Hawaiian Airlines and asked them to transfer them (you have to do this over the phone). The transfer takes about 7 days for the points to make it into your Hilton account, and after that, I immediately plan on booking a night at the Embassy Suites in Vegas for a stay I have coming up. If you notice, I had already converted another 20,000 miles into 40,000 Hilton points back in December, for a total of 70,000 points.

Hawaiian - Hilton transfer

For an even better way of using this hack and getting up to 280,000 points, you can refer to this previous article for step by step instructions.

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