Amazing Citi Executive World Elite MasterCard 100,000 AA miles offer

In a sweeping move yesterday, Citibank stepped up and is currently offering a sign-up bonus of 100,000 AAdvantage miles for their Executive World Elite MasterCard. The offer requires you to spend $10,000 within the first 3 months of getting the card. The $450 annual fee is NOT waived.

AAdvantage-CitiWhy the offer is great:

Yes, the annual fee is steep, but the card comes with a $200 statement credit after spending your first $200 within 1 year.  This essentially reduces the annual fee to $250. If you can swing the minimum spending amount, paying $250 for 100,000 AAdvantage Miles is a no brainer.

Additionally, if you fly American this card provides you access to their Admirals Club.  This is a nice addition given that the Amex Platinum is loosing access to the Admirals Clubs.

You can find the application on this link.

If you’re not sure whether you can meet the steep $10,000 minimum spending, this article can help you with some tips on how to make it happen.


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3 Responses to Amazing Citi Executive World Elite MasterCard 100,000 AA miles offer

  1. Josh says:

    Any word on how long the offer will last?

    • travelguys says:

      Josh, no idea. I haven’t read any indications as to how long. I’d say you’re definitely safe for 1-2 weeks or maybe even a month, since it is clearly not a mistake offer like we’ve seen in the past. Mistakes usually get pulled within a few hours or a day or two at the most, and this isn’t one, but again, my best guess as to how long it will last. If you’ve already decided to get it I wouldn’t wait too long.

  2. Gabriel says:

    As of today it’s still valid.
    It looks like the credits are not “each calendar year” like the Platinum card, so I’ll probably be cancelling before the renewal because $450 is just a bit too high. Great deal though, if just for the miles!

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