5,000 referral bonus for U.S. Airways 50,000 miles MasterCard!

As if the offer couldn’t get any better, yesterday I received an email prompting me to refer friends to the U.S. Airways MasterCard and receive 5,000 bonus miles for each successful referral.

U.S. AirwaysUnless you’ve been living under a rock, this is currently one of the best offers out there, as this card is going away in the near future once the merger between American and U.S. Airways is almost done. At some point next year, U.S. Airways miles will become AAdvantage miles.

The standard offer has been 40,000 for a long time, but apparently Barclays is really pushing card membership before the card goes away, as a couple of weeks ago they bumped up the offer to 50,000 miles. This is currently one of the easiest ways to rack up AAdvantage miles, as you only require a single purchase to receive the miles (so basically very little minimum spending). The $89 annual fee is NOT waived, but the miles are worth many times that!

If you currently have this card, I would check your email and see if you received this offer to refer other users. It’s a great time to refer friends and family and help them earn miles towards their next vacation, and you can earn 5,000 for each successful referral, up to 50,000 miles!

Both my wife and I have two cards each, and we’ve racked up more than 200,000 miles combined from all the sign up bonuses and targeted bonus offers.

Use miles to fly LAN to South America VERY comfortably!

Use miles to fly LAN to South America VERY comfortably!

If you don’t currently have this card, you should strongly consider getting it as this card won’t be around much longer. If you would like to apply and would like to use our referral link, feel free to send us an email at travelguys AT freetravelguys.com with your name and we’ll be happy to send you a referral (we earn 5,000 miles if you are approved).



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  1. gordeyb says:

    My wife and I are both ready to get the US Airways MA card (yet again) and would like to use your referral link to spread the weath if it is still valid.

    Grordey Burnett

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