1,000 Southwest points for using TurboTax

Southwest currently has a promotion through April 15, 2013 where you can get 1,000 Rapid Reward points for preparing and filing your taxes using TurboTax. Most versions qualify for the bonus points, including the free version, so this is an easy 1,000 points for something you have to do anyway.

To earn the points, go to www.southwest.com, and on the top right corner under the Rapid Rewards menu, click Rapid Rewards Shopping.

Southwest Turbotax


Then click on Rapid Rewards shopping again on the next screen, then “Shop Now”. You can find the TurboTax link under the “Services” menu, and then “Financial Services”. You must then click through the “Shop Now” link below to qualify for the points.

Southwest Turbotax link


Nobody likes doing their taxes, but at least this way you’ll have something to show for when you’re done with your tax return, other than your refund.

If you want to earn frequent flyer miles for actually paying your taxes, here’s a useful article on how to accomplish that.


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3 Responses to 1,000 Southwest points for using TurboTax

  1. Robert says:

    Used it last year. points posted in about 6 weeks

  2. Alison says:

    I used turbo tax to do my taxes, can I still get the flyer points somehow?

    • travelguys says:

      Hi Alison,
      As long as you followed the method above you should be fine, but if not then unfortunately you won’t get them. Like any other shopping portal you have to access the merchant through the link on the shopping portal. Also keep in mind that it’s the free online Turbotax version that gets you the points. If you just got Turbotax through a regular download into your home computer then that won’t work.

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