1,000 free Priority Club points after watching 90-second video

Thanks to MilesQuest for writing about this promotion for 1,000 free Priority Club points (Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels, etc.). Some readers report that the site is a bit spotty due to high traffic, but I was able to go in without any problems earlier today and watched the 90-second video. After that, you get to a confirmation screen that shows your updated points balance, although the points might take a bit longer to actually post to your account, but they usually post pretty quickly.

To get the points, go to www.priorityclub.com/visa1000 and enter your Priority Club number, PIN, and promo code FLLNUVUAA37.

Priority Club 1000

You can get free stays at some Priority Club properties for as low as 5,000 points during their Points Break promotion that comes out several times a year.

To read more about this promo you can refer to this post.

Good luck!

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2 Responses to 1,000 free Priority Club points after watching 90-second video

  1. this one never loads for me!

    • travelguys says:

      I played it earlier today and it worked fine with Internet explorer but when I tried later for my wife’s account with Chrome it will play it but at the end won’t display the points on the confirmation screen. I will give it another shot tomorrow. Let us know if it works out later!

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