Vanilla Reload scam – and InComm’s response

Please note that this post is intended to alert our readers about ongoing scams and frauds happening with Vanilla Reload cards. This post is in no way intended to facilitate publicly sharing information about specific alleged scammers or their contact information, nor is it an appropriate venue to accuse others of possible scams. Comments containing specific contact information such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other private information will be deleted. If you have been the victim of fraud, we strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities.

February 9, 2014 update: For an update and final resolution to this case, refer to this recent article

The problem

A few days ago my parents purchased a Vanilla Reload card at CVS, and when they got home, they scratched the back of the card and noticed that the PIN was missing. Originally, I thought my mother had scratched the PIN off and accidentally destroyed it. Immediately, I filed a case on their behalf with InComm (the company that issues the Vanilla Reload cards) to recover the PIN, and was told it would take a few days to recover. I even gave them my parents’ BlueBird account number, so they would load the funds into their account for them.

A few days later my mother called them, and she was told the funds had already been redeemed, and as you’ve probably anticipated by now, not to her account. Someone had stolen the funds from the Vanilla Reload card and loaded them into their own card.

How the scam works

A person who either has access to the PIN before or after the card is sold will write down the PIN number somewhere, erase it from the card by destroying it, and cover it back up with the “Scratch here” seal and make it look as if it is intact. Then an unsuspecting customer loads funds into the card at CVS, but when that person gets home, he/she discovers the PIN missing and can’t redeem or load the funds they paid.


Instead, the scammer is sitting at home checking everyday to see when your PIN is activated, and takes the now active PIN and the funds and loads them into their own prepaid card, which was probably obtained fraudulently with a stolen identity making it more difficult to track. Now you’re out $500, or whatever amount of money you put onto the card.

InComm’s response

Immediately I put another claim with InComm, to find out where the funds had gone to. The InComm rep told me they would “diligently work on the case”, and that they would find out where the funds went to, sent me a few forms which I faxed right away, and was required to wait 72 hours to check the status of the claim.

InComm’s final response was unbelievable. My parents were told that they were the product of a “victim assisted scam”, and that they had probably revealed the PIN accidentally to someone. I told InComm that it’s impossible to give a PIN away when you’re buying a product that is missing a PIN to begin with, so it couldn’t be a “victim assisted scam”. Now here comes the kicker: one of the supervisors who I spoke to, told me that my parents assisted the scammer by purchasing the card to begin with.

InComm also told me that they knew where the funds went to, but due to federal regulations they could not give me that information, and that I would have to file a police report and the police would have to request it from them. So basically this is the way to handle a product: “when many customers call us reporting that our product is being used to scam people, don’t address the problem unless the police tell us we have to”. Classy.

My next steps

Since InComm wouldn’t take responsibility for one of their fraudulent products being sold, my next step was to file a complaint with my parents’ credit card. A complaint or chargeback would hurt CVS, but as Hack My Trip says, it’s the cost of doing business. If you’re carrying a product on your shelves and selling it on your registers and that product has been tampered with, maybe you shouldn’t do business with the issuer.

I also filed a police report and got a case number, and I sent that case report to the credit card company to support the CVS claim. Since the amount stolen was more than $500, in Texas it is considered grand theft, which is a more serious offense. Not saying it will go anywhere, since the police might not be able to track down the thief, but sometimes you have to do what’s right, and a police report was in order.

I then went to the CVS store and explained the whole thing to the store manager, who actually knows me from buying so many cards. I wanted her to know that a fraudulent product was sold at her store, and I also wanted her to know we weren’t trying to defraud CVS by filing a claim, but I felt her store was partially responsible since they were the ones who sold the card.

What I’m doing next

From now on, I’m scratching Vanilla Reload PINs BEFORE I purchase the card. It’s a result of the current situation. If the PIN turns out missing, I will call the store manager right away and let her know so she can send the card back to InComm. An inactive card is worthless anyway. If the PIN checks in fine, I will cover it with a piece of tape, take it to the cashier, and activate it and load the funds. Under no circumstances will I pay for a card that does not have the full PIN on it, and if I was forced to do so, I will only load the minimum $20 on the card. In the end, I don’t anticipate having any problems. No store manager in their right mind would force you to pay for a product that was tampered with, because they would be in their own way aiding a thief.

February 9, 2014 update: For an update and final resolution to this case, refer to this recent article

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90 Responses to Vanilla Reload scam – and InComm’s response

  1. Elena G says:

    I can’t believe Incomm’s response of your parents assisting scammers…that is the worst explanation they could have given!! I will be sure to be careful!

    • travelguys says:

      Very disappointing.

    • solomon52 says:

      vanilla reload scam. it wasn’t your parents fault, and it was not cvs’s either. theses things happen on all cards reloadable or not. your parents should have gone after thier bank, and canceled the whole purchase. i have been buying these cards for awhile now, and it is my responsibility to make sure i look at what i am purchasing thouroughly before i try and transfer monies from one place to another.

  2. dany says:

    I figured this would happen sooner or later given how popular VR cards have become. definitely an eye-opener.

    • Alex says:

      So is this company the real deal? I was asked if I wanted to make a little bit of money through this company`s name but I was kinda iffy bout it it seems to good to be true and I just wanted to do my research and ask around before I did anything

      • travelguys says:

        Alex, the company itself is real, but people are using its name and products to scam others. There is no money to be made. Using the reload cards to meet minimum spending is safe (aside from our unfortunate incident) but anyone approaching you with ANY sort of money making scheme is either trying to scam you or is breaking the law. Stay away and report them if possible.

      • mark says:

        Alex! Hope I’m not too late with my reply! Please be very careful. There are some people out there that are advertising a way for you to make money with my vanilla card. They want you to go and load up 200, up to 500 on the card, then call them and give them the info they request, which will include your pin on that card!! And before you know it, YOUR card is worthless, they already have the money in their hands……this has happened to a few friends on mine, and it makes me sick! I wish there was a way to catch these people and put them away for good, and get the people’s money back that got scammed.

        • marlow says:

          wow I was approached by two ppl on facebook they told me the same thing .said if i put 200 hundred and they can add a o to that and make it 20000 wow i was really thinking of trying it till i saw this post i will not be doing this.

          • pjaye says:

            It just happened to me today met some girl on Facebook in someone’s else status saying make fast money so I wrote her in did exactly what she told me to do next thing I know I noticed she blocked me from writing her so I called the vanilla card but it said it was redeemed already I was robbed $200

  3. David says:

    I hardly see how your solution is acceptable to the store. That’s like saying from now on, you’re going to open the milk carton and make sure by smell that it’s not past its due date. I sympathize with the situation, of course, but I’d think that the better solution is to scratch off the PIN *right after* your purchase. That way, you’re still in the store to figure out the solution, but you’d still have protection from your credit card.

    • travelguys says:

      David, I did exactly what you mentioned while purchasing the next VR a few days after the incident, but I just don’t feel comfortable paying first, not until at least the credit card company comes back and says my parents are clear. While I understand the milk carton example, it isn’t the best analogy. The smell of a milk carton is subjective. You might think it’s bad, but it might be perfectly fine and now it’s open and unusable and no one else can buy it. Different people have different perceptions and opinions of a product and its condition. But a missing PIN is a black and white issue. It’s either missing or it isn’t. It’s either good, or unusable. There’s no middle ground or subject to interpretation and if it’s tampered with it should be pointed out, not sold to someone that is then left holding the bag for the benefit of a thief.

      • Kurt says:

        Just be careful: if CVS catches you scratching the backs of the cards in the store *before* purchasing them, they’re not gonna be happy 😉

        • travelguys says:

          Kurt, thanks. I will report progress. I know it sounds sneaky but this isn’t stealing. In all fairness I don’t intend to hide in an aisle away from the camera or be deceiving. It will be done in front of the cashier and I have warned my local manager and she is ok with the practice.

          • Jack says:

            This seems to happen on a regular basis. The response from incomm is not as customer oriented as previous reports of similar incidents on flyertalk. Good luck, and heck yeah, scratch them off on the cashier counter as you are paying for them. The cashier might be WTF? at first but they will get to know you and you can explain why you are doing that now.

          • travelguys says:

            Jack, agreed. The cashier can’t stop me from scratching the pin. If the pin is there, everybody wins. If it’s missing, a police visit is more than welcome.

  4. Miles says:

    Given the $504 credit-card chargeback(s) that your local CVS experienced, I wonder if they will continue to sell VRs. You may not need to worry about compromised VRs much longer.

    • travelguys says:

      Miles, yes of course. That’s a possibility. If that’s the case, so be it. If one of the tampered products got into their store and they sold it an innocent customer should not be the one left holding the bag. In the end this is real money and if the current system doesn’t work then it is up to InComm and the retailers to design a product with better safety features.

  5. anonymous says:

    I’ve been noticing posts on Instagram of people with large amonts of cash claiming if you load $200 they can get you $2000, $300 gets you $3000, and so forth. I figured it was a scam. The FBI may already be investigating this on the social media sites. Hopefully, your parents can recover from their loss.

    • anonymous says:

      YES YES YES!!! They’re all over instagram with the foolishness. Send $250 and I’ll send you back $2500. They’re also advertising some cards called Vanilla Reload cards and MoneyPak. I don’t deal with those type of cards so I’ve never even heard of them until today and I did some research on them and this scam. There will be a lot of people that fall prey and these scammers don’t have a conscience.

  6. lissa says:

    Yess , it is a scam! I ended up trying it. But the lady scammed me out of 250$!

    • travelguys says:

      lissa, I’m sorry to hear. You should file a police report. Lots of these scams go unpunished and they go on for months and even years because lots of people just feel embarrassed that they were scammed while they really shouldn’t be as they didn’t do anything wrong. Lots of police departments nowadays even allow you to file a police report online.

    • Artie says:

      Yes, you should call the police and report that you were attempting to scam $2,250 out of Incomm but instead got scammed yourself. See how that works out for you.

  7. Les says:

    I just have a question I was thinking about purchasing one of the vanilla reload cards, do you need some sort of identification to buy it or do you just sign up in the store? Also how do you load the card can it be done in a store or online? Me and my daughter are going away on vacation in a few weeks I don’t like carrying my bank cards when I go away I was pickpocketed on vacation before my bank cards were stolen and I lost a couple thousand dollars through fraudulent purchases. I was using a paypal debit card on my last vacation but they ask you to link a bank account and that’s not safe to me. I’m sorry to hear your parents got scammed I know how it feels to have your money stolen and it sucks I figure I can use one of these cards but only if I don’t have to give any of my personal information!

    • travelguys says:

      Les, thanks for your sympathy. There may be a new development on this case, so I will keep everyone posted in the next couple of days.
      As for purchasing the Vanilla Reload at the store, they just ask you for ID and look at your credit card to verify you’re purchasing with a legitimate credit card and it isn’t stolen. Some stores ask you for ID and log it if you purchase more than a certain quantity, which I’ve heard to be 2 or 3 cards at a time.
      There are several places you can load the card in the store, the most prominent being Walmart, but Walmart doesn’t sell VR cards and you can just load there with debit or cash. CVS is the most available place where you can purchase the cards with credit card and earn points for the transaction, and you can load the funds into your BlueBird account online at Here is a useful article on how to load the funds.

      Here are also a few tips on how to avoid being pickpocketed. The best protection IS to carry credit cards, which you can simply report as stolen, and any cash you carry should be spread around your different pockets and not all on one place, and leave any unnecessary cash in the safe at the hotel. My best personal defense against pick pockets in a large crowd is to wear jeans and keep my wallet in my front pocket, and preferably my hand in my pocket if I feel too uncomfortable if the crowd gets too thick.

    • Swayne Michael says:

      It sounds crazy but these scammers take advantage of those who want to be slick. Why would you think he will turn 200 into 2000? So when you cashing out, you’re robbing another person $1800. That’s what they use to prey on victims. They take advantage of your greed. So do not blame anybody if you’re scammed from the vanilla reload card if you gave the scam artist your PIN and all the numbers on the card. Be more careful people. Learn to work hard. Nothing good comes easy.

      • travelguys says:

        Swayne Michael, I agree with you 100%. If this were true, they would be stealing from InComm. Stealing is stealing. Lots of people who are falling for the scam were in essence conspiring with someone else to steal. I have very little sympathy for anyone who fell for the scam that way.

  8. Kent C says:

    How exactly did the scammer cover it back up with the seal? I buy lots of VRs but never seen any type of seal that can be removed in one piece and replaced. They all need to be scratched off and into a lot of little pieces. It would be almost ridiculously obvious if some scammer tried to glue or stick back on all the silver pieces. I would think just taking a very good look might solve the problem but maybe there are pros out there putting fake stickers on or something.

    • travelguys says:

      Unless you’re an InComm employee with access to the stickers. Anything’s possible. Con artists scam people for a living. Unfortunately, they are pros at what they do.

      • Kent C says:

        I’m assuming you were only able to see the finished VR card, after she scratched it. Wondering how convincing it looked prior to her scratching it, if full seal, etc. Would’ve been nice of course to see a before photo to see if it was a really professional job or amateurish.

        • travelguys says:

          Kent, that’s correct. Only saw the final scratched card, but there are plenty of pictures in other articles out there showing before pics. Not sure if they’re real, although some look more amateurish than others. Certainly we are all looking more carefully now, and picking the newer designs that do not have the “Scratch Here” writings over them. Those seem to have less risk based on what we have read.

          • Kent C says:

            I’m out to buy some later today. Your article certainly made me take notice. Thanks.

          • travelguys says:

            Good luck! I’m just trying to make sure no one else gets bitten by this bug. Definitely keep us in the loop and if you find anything unusual or something that everyone else should know, please feel free to share it here. Thanks for your feedback!

  9. alex says:

    This girl….who ive never met, i have no idea how she got my number has been begging me for weeks to do the…put 200-500 on one of these while im in the store and make 2,000-5,000 dollars within 30 minutes! She has showed me these statements with 4,000 dollars added to her funds!! Obviously anyone would love to do this and make a killing!! She makes it seem so legit!! Part of me wants to try!!! But that little voice in my head is saying NO!!

    • alex says:

      O my nevermind!! I did more research and in my situation its the same exact as what i had read!! This makes me sick!! People are disgusting!!

      • travelguys says:

        Alex, no one will give you $2,000-$5,000 in exchange for $200 unless it’s a fraud or something illegal. It’s that simple. You might want to consider filing a police report and give the police her phone number.

  10. R says:

    These people are all over instagram flashing the money they’ve made off of this scam. If you really want to do something about it I’d say report the people on instagram they’re very much willing to give they’re name and phone number etc. If you’re interested in learning about what they do to multiply your money. You dont have to do business with them either.

  11. R says:

    I never dealt with them but after seeing about 100 different pictures of them flashing money and openly telling you to give $100-500 and make $1000-7000. I’d say they can easily be found but will the local police department do anything about it…

    • travelguys says:

      R, from my own experience the policy won’t do anything because they just don’t have a resources unless it’s something serious (which of course this is). At least I wasn’t given any indication or communications that they investigated. Simply was given the option to retrieve a copy of the police report, which I did.

  12. Dawn B. says:


    • travelguys says:

      Dawn, thanks for sharing. Of course is not real. If someone could turn $200 into $2,000 they would not be advertising it on IG or sharing the secret with anyone. I advise you file a police report.

    • Chelsea says:

      Same thing happend to me!!! A girl told me it would take fifteen mins and i tried calling her after that and she wouldnt answer and they deleted me off facebook and then i called the card to see my balance and it said my money had already been used!!! I was so mad!! I filed a police report and also filed a fraud thing with the vanilla card company. its sick what these people do and I pray they get caught!

      • Scott Williams says:

        I find it amusing reading these comments. They all basically go like this:

        So, I met this scammer on (social media platform). They were going to help me scam Incomm and turn my $200 into $2000. Then I found out I was the one being scammed, now they make me sick.

  13. Keiona M. says:

    I just purchased a vanilla reload network card about 4 days ago now, and I haven’t gotten a chance to add the funds to my vanilla visa debit card. I just pulled my card out a few minutes ago to do so, when I went to and entered my pin, I clicked continue and a big red box popped up saying my pin has already been redeemed. I have not shared my pin with anyone and I have not redeemed them, I’m not sure what I should do. Suggestions?

    • travelguys says:

      Keiona, are you 100% sure you’re using the correct VR card? If the PIN wasn’t destroyed someone might have stolen it somewhere else along the way. Did you scratch it right before you enter it or scratched it 4 days ago and left the card sitting around somewhere? I would report it to InComm and if you’re 100% sure it wasn’t you, I would also consider filing a police report. In any case, let it be a lesson that you should NEVER purchase a VR card and let it sit for 4 days prior to loading to BlueBird. It’s too risky and the money is not protected until you loaded to BB. Treat it like cash as long as you haven’t loaded the funds.

      • Keiona M. says:

        Yes I’m 500% sure, I purchased it, came home and scratched it off to make sure it was a 10 digit pin & I placed it in my purse. It only sat for that period of time because I was waiting for my vanilla visa card to come in the mail,I just wanted to have the reload card ahead of time. This is so crazy, I have never in my life had this happen before. Thank god the police station is a few blocks away. This lesson has been learned. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER.

        • travelguys says:

          Keiona, it’s the most helpless feeling ever, especially knowing that someone out there is scamming people instead of trying to get an honest job for a living. Hopefully you get your money back, but I would definitely start filing cases with InComm and Walgreens. Don’t get your hopes too high with a police report. It’s not that the police don’t care, it’s just that they don’t have the man power to pursue every single fraud case with all the other crimes out there. Keep us posted on progress please.

  14. shatesha says:

    I had purchased 2 vanilla reload cards at CVS and both had $200 dollars on them. When i went to put the 10 digit pin in on the website it said that the pins had already been redeemed and i had just brought the cards. I had called the number on the back of the card and i had talked to one of the reps. They told me i had to do a dispute for and fax over all this paper work. I had asked to talk to the supervisor because they was telling me i had to wait 72 hrs for them to tell me what happened to my money. The supervisor told me that the money had been put on to an american express account and once they do there investigation and the funds are still on that account i can get my money back but if it not i will have to file a police report because the card are just like cash.

    • travelguys says:

      shatesha, best of luck. I personally think that given how many scams there are with this product and how many people are simply getting their money stolen, I wouldn’t expect the funds to still be there in 72 hours. Whoever is stealing money is taking that money right out of their account right away. I think the way InComm is handling these issues is deplorable, but that being said, I wouldn’t wait on them. If it was me I would do the following: A- file a police report TODAY, and get a copy. B- file a claim with your credit card (if you paid with a credit card) telling them you paid for a product and did not receive it. If possible, give them a copy of the police report. C- file a BBB complaint against InComm. If you’re reporting the money stolen they should not be waiting 72 hours to investigate. They should be dealing with it right away instead of giving a thief time to take your money with them.

  15. shatesha says:

    Thank you , i had just got off the phone with them because i think the time frame is ridiculous too. They told me it takes that long because because soon as they had got my documents they had sent it right over to american express and they are giving them time to who’s account it is and and to stop it right away and if there are any funds still in that account. My thing is they probably get calls a day long about people being scammed with there cards and they are not doing anything about it. I am going to file a police report and call y credit card

  16. Audrey says:

    It’s things like this that give legit businesses a bad name!! Never NEVER give money or buy into anything that doesn’t offer any services for your money. There is no way to “get rich quick” unless you are in the Stock market and even that isn’t really get rich quick. You should ALWAYS get product for money you put up when going into a business venture or money making…. ALWAYS!!!!

    • travelguys says:

      Audrey, well said. Exactly. Even so, unless I’m doing business directly with a retailer and not a “person” I don’t know, even if they promise a product back I won’t send any money. Like you said, there are no get rich quick schemes. If there were, people would not be advertising it. You first red flag should be when they ask for money. Any money.

  17. Keiona says:

    So because my phone’s currently out of service, I contacted Incomm customer care via email and they told me in order to get my money back, I have to got to the police,file a report & have them contact incomm. Also to call a 1-877 number. But I just have one question. What do I need to bring with me to the police station? I still have the receipt from the vanilla reload network card which has the amount of money I loaded on it, the card it’s self and my vanilla visa. Should that be it? I want to go tomorrow.

    • travelguys says:

      That should be it, but I would also make sure you have the address of the CVS where you bought the card and the CVS purchase receipt. A picture ID too. And a printout of the email you received from InComm and the names of anyone you interacted with.
      I would also check online as some police departments will let you file a report online, but they might be more receptive if you go in person.
      Good luck and please keep us posted about what they say.

  18. Dun says:

    With the 10 digit PIN, any one can sit on their computer and try out. The scam guys probably have a program to do this for them. VR should make the pin harder to enter. An additional 4 digit PIN to enter on the second page would be nice. Even better, the 4 digit PIN should be generate at the time of purchase and print on the receipt.

  19. Johnny Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that they do not seal these cards in plastic. I will think twice about using these types of cards.

  20. bizzoi420 says:

    Really think about it…yu send me 300$ and ill send yu 3000$ back??? Ive seen this all over igram if you believe sum1 is really gonna send you 2700$ 4 doing nothing yu have no1 2 blame but yurself??? It does not make a bit of sense 2 me or every1 would be doing this everyday…if yu cant see tha scam in that you miles well send them yur $$$ because thats how their maken a living. …

  21. Nikki says:

    My entire area’s CVS are out of these cards…I’m using them to meet AA 10k spend requirement on two cards. I finally found one CVS who had 10 inthe back room. I just put them in my bag and paid for one. (I did it in front of the guy saying I would come in to load them all later…which I will). Now, I’m thinking, I’ll just scratch off the pin to make sure it’s there before I take it back to the store to load. Maybe the vendor is pulling these cards due to the fraud? It could be someone has a script running that is catching cards just as they loaded. My area, 5 CVS’s and three Walgreens, are always loaded with them. They’ve been out of stock for at least three weeks and not refilled.

  22. AF says:

    Any chance you could file a Reg.E fraud claim on your credit/debit card, to have your bank deal with it instead? They may request a police report number, but I’ve not had that experience in the past when explaining the issue. Had a similar problem with sending money through Amazon for an item that never showed up (Amazon wouldn’t help b/c it was a Marketplace/AmazonPayments payment). I’ll definitely keep this in mind — have been using lots of VRs late.y

  23. jimmy says:

    I was at Wal-Mart lookn for that vr card good thing they were out , I came across IG acc an the guy said he can flip money 300-3000 anso on, he said to buy the card an after I loaded the amount to give him the pin an hell add a 0 to the amount I loaded, he said for every 1000 he makes me I pay him 350, an I asked him how can I trust u to make me money an he said ” if I’m making money off u y would I burn bridges with u” Wut should I do

    • travelguys says:

      jimmy, nothing. First, it’s a scam. Second, if it was true, wouldn’t you say that person is stealing? Would you want to be a part of it?

  24. Toni says:

    I fell victim this scam yesterday. I had just gotten laid off and was in desperate need. They told me to load 200, they will void the card and add an extra 0. They wanted 30% 500 and it will take an hr. I knew it was fishy but i was thinking of all the extra things i could do with the money. Gave them the scratchoff never heard back and they blocked me on instagram. I can only be mad at myself but its still not right.that was my entire check

    • travelguys says:

      Toni, sorry to hear. Unfortunately that’s how scams work. A promise to get easy money for doing nothing. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam or it’s illegal. In this case it’s both.

  25. cris says:

    What happens to me if I file a police report ? Am I part of the scam too? I got Tricked to the VRrld too ,idk what to do

    • travelguys says:

      cris, in practice, nothing will happen. The police is too busy to follow up or prosecute the thief. The police report just builds up your case for filing a claim with the credit card company or trying to get the money back some other way.

  26. Quan Bui says:

    So if I want to buy either one of those prepaid onevanilla visa or reloadable onevanilla cards and avoid my funds getting stolen, should I only buy cards that are wrapped in a plastic box? I remember seeing cards at a CVS that were in this plastic box wrapping and some with just the card and cardboard behind them.

  27. kim Jones says:

    I was just scam out of 200.00 dollars on my vanilla reload card and when I called to tell them the problem they are telling me I was scammed by who couldn’t reveal any information about the scam so I told them I am going to file a police report on your company’s behalf.Stop purchasing the vanilla reload card they are a scam.

  28. John T says:

    The card works great and yes there is a problem sometimes when the customer buys the card at CVS Walgreens Family Dollar etc meaning sometimes the cashier does not activate the VRN card proper at time of purchase then the card becomes a Consumed card then you have to send in a copy of the front & back of the VRN card & full receipt & take 3 to 5 business days to activate the pin but if the pin is Redeemed or your scammed then you must send in 5 docs which is the dispute form that they send you via email copy of your state id receipt front & back of the VRN card email those documents to the email they provide them call them back in three business days with the 6 digit reference number they gave you that way the compliance department can thoroughly investigate this matter get placed on hold for two minutes to have the rep tell you that there investigation is done and since you gave away the PIN NUMBER you are assisted the scam so you will not be receiving any monies from INCOMM and to please file a police report because they have the information of the person that scammed you but due to privacy act laws they can not give you out the person’s full name date birth social security number home address or telephone number but they have sent an email to the scammers prepaid card company which is either in netspend or Amex or if it’s one of there’s MyVanilla to close the account and of course there’s no money on the card because the Scammer already either went to an ATM machine or got cashback for my debit transaction and took all the funds out. In over two years working there I received over 1000s of these calls and no vanilla reload network card holder ever ever got money back via incomm or the police… With that said I don’t feel bad for anyone that gave away their 10 digit pin number willingly and freely yes the scammers added zero to the card which is zero balance lol but I truly truly felt bad for my customers who were scam by people saying they were the IRS and the ones trying to get a loan to help their families and loved ones incomm a great place to work by lousy in helping their customers they make millions imagine how many cards sold daily around the country except Vermont at $3.95 they get a fee of that they keep making money why you keep losing money

  29. Sharnette says:

    I was almost scammed as well and I was very close to falling prey to this awful scam but thanks to my brother I didn’t do it but this guy requested to follow me on ig and to make a long story short he had all this pictures of him and other people with money in their hand and even videos of people testifying how much it works and told me to do the same thing buy a vanilla card and load it so should I report him

  30. Bob says:

    This girl got me for $200 on IG and I called vanilla reload they told me too file a police report!!!

  31. Lucinda Bailey says:

    My money was took

  32. me too says:

    feb 17, 2015

    my elderly mother received call she won big money and new car, all she had to do was buy a vanilla card for $299 and she would receive the prize. she gave me the phone number from her caller ID and I called to see what this was about. The number was 876-809-8962 from Jamaica. I got a recording so left my number to call back. Shortly after, I actually received a call from a guy who identified himself as Peter James, who told me all my mother or I had to do was buy the card and someone from the prize team would take the card and issue a receipt so she could collect her prize. He was insistent we should not tell anyone about this to protect from someone else getting the numbers. Although this seemed to be a classic scam, I played along. This guy kept calling both me and my old mom back all afternoon, asking if we got the card yet. which of course I had not. Finally telling him this sounded like a scam, Peter James asked if I wanted to talk to his manager. Absolutely, sure, I replied. Then someone got on the phone giving his name as Richard Hamilton, but I could hear the same baby crying in the background. He assured me the 876 area code was not Jamaica, saying it is other places too, and hackers can make it look like that, but not saying where it was or where he was calling from. I called the phone company and they confirmed it is Jamaica.

    Tomorrow will see if they call back again. Whatever next, I am not giving any money or buying any scratch cards, ever. I have never bought one and called one of the stores indicated to ask what it was, and incidentally Walgreens told me they stopped selling some of these cards because of scams.

  33. Rochelle says:

    Haha!!!! To all of you purchasing a card for $200 to have someone add a zero for you to make $1800. You were stealing in the first place if the transaction actually went through! It is called karma. Scammers cannot be scammers if people just used their brains or not trying to find easy money. There are always bad people ruining good things for people.

  34. Rochelle says:

    I just posted and they removed it. To all of the people that are entertaining the thought of stealing by having someone add a zero to the amount of purchase deserves to lose your money. You are stealing. Any person that actually thinks this is not stealing needs help. Nothing is for free. No one can turn your money into something more than it is. Consider this to be a cheap lessen. As far as the people who are losing their money from someone cyber stealing, I am sorry for your loss. I think it is wise to scratch the back off in front of the clerk before purchasing.

    I have used these cards plenty of times. It is unfortunate that bad people ruin good things. These refillable cards came in handy when I needed extra money where my bank was not located or even when I was selling items on-line and needed a deposit to hold the item. When used correctly it has its advantages.

    My only complaint about using this card is that the bank holds 20% on all restaurant and hotel purchases and incidental fees. This adds up quick. They say you can have the hotel release the funds by faxing the bank. However the bank intentionally lies and makes the process for difficult than it needs to be. I know they lied because I had all the information they needed. Plus I faxed the exact letter the hotel gave me “just in case” they said they didn’t receive it.

    I do not know who made the 30 day rule to get your incidental fees returned back to your card. However, I am sure someone is making money from holding it.

    Again my heart goes out to those whose money was stolen from the initial purchase with no PIN number etc. However, I do not sympathize with the people who are trying to steal money that is not theirs. As far as the people who buy into scam, people wake up.


    We as consumers are paying for all the people who cheat, Rob and steal. If everyone worked and supported themselves and their own families they would respect the stuff they have and would not want anyone to steal it from them. They would take care of it and not treat things like they are disposable.

    I hope those of you that were trying to scam to get that 0 on the end of your card learn your lesson. Not with just this lesson but many this incident should offer.

    • travelguys says:

      Rochelle, nothing has been removed, just taken a while to approve new posters since we’ve been busy with other projects.
      That being said, I completely agree with you. I have no sympathy for anyone who says they were “desperate and needed the money” or their puppy got sick and needed the medicine. Conspiring with someone to “add a zero” is stealing, plain and simple. No sympathy for anyone who has lost money that way.

  35. Jesus Padilla says:

    Is the pin or code printed on the reciept when you purchase the card? I’m looking to buy some tickets and the guy just wants a pic of the reciept and after the tickets clear and I’m in the event I must send him the pin or code. Thanks.

  36. binh lam says:

    I got scam out of 1000 dollars from craigslist and there still talking to me It been 5 days i have heard from the this compay back yett i wish they reply back soon and people are stilling other people money scam .

  37. Binhhlam says:

    Craigslist ad getting some spam in there which some people had scammed me out of $1,000 and I haven’t got a response back from this incoming vanilla yet that supposed to look into this I hope those people that keeps doing this will get caught I’m waiting for a reply from the company that supposed to be helping but no reply yet its been about 5 days hope they call or email me soon

  38. Kaylee says:

    I was also scammed out of $500 and incomm told me that they know whos account my funds were uploaded to but could not close their account or take any further action until my dispute was filed. Well it took them 3 days and me calling 4 times everyday for them to even email me the paperwork to be filled out. When they told me initially i needed to get in ASAP, the sooner i got it in the sooner they could cancel his account, because it was likely he would transfer the funds out quickly, and if he has i wont get my money back. Well i’m sure now i’m definitely not getting my money back and I am livid. I also filed a police report, and opened a law enforcement ticket with paypal, but im having doubts of ever getting our $500 back.

  39. Steven H. Lumbert says:

    The solution is not to use incomm products! I was scammed using PayPal My Cash cards also produced by Incomm. I will never use these types of cards again. Check, Cash, Debit or Credit. Nothing else.

  40. Eugene Dixon says:

    Need to talk to someone about a refund on my money.

  41. fabulous says:

    i was close to getting scammed so happy i didn’t do it

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