Today is the last day to order free BlueBird checks – Updated

Update:  Bluebird extended the free checks through 8/13/13.

BlueBird by Amex is running a special where you can get free checks sent out to you to be drawn on your BlueBird account (both the checks and shipping are free) if you order by the end of today, May 21st. This is another way you can use to pay bills with your BlueBird funds, as writing a check on the spot is sometimes very convenient.

To order checks, all you have to do is log in to your BlueBird account, and on the top right corner where it says “My account”, select “Order BlueBird checks”. It is important to know that BlueBird checks must be pre-authorized and the required funds for the check will become unavailable to make sure the check can clear. The procedure can be easily done online each time you need to write a check.

You can refer to this prior article for a quick rundown on how to use BlueBird to pay for everyday expenses that you normally couldn’t pay with a credit card, such as your mortgage, car payment, student loans, etc.

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