BlueBird now allows free funding with debit cards

Another great way to earn some free miles and points!


BlueBird has now started to allow loading up funds to your account using a debit card online for free. This was previously allowed, but the daily limit was $100, and there was a $2 charge per load, making this essentially a bad deal. Daily limits remain capped at $100, but now loads are free. The maximum debit limit is still capped at $1,000 per month.

BlueBird limits your maximum monthly amounts loaded to the card to $5,000 per month, but early reports from users indicate that this limit is separate from the $1,000 debit card maximum, which essentially lets you load up to $6,000 to your account on any given month.

This means that if you have a miles earning debit card, like the SunTrust Delta debit card, you can earn miles for free by loading amounts from it into your BlueBird account, and then using the money to pay bills, withdraw for cash and redeposit into your SunTrust account, and other creative ways of manufacturing spending.

To load money into your BlueBird account using your debit card, log into your BlueBird account and click “Add Funds”, then “Add New Funding Source”, then scroll down to the Debit Cards section and click “Link Card”.


Once you enter your card information and link the card, you can go back in to the Add Funds feature, select the new card, enter an amount and frequency, and the date you want the transfer to occur:


Once you enter the info, you can click “Review” and see all the information on the next screen prior to approving the transfer:

SunTrust-debitIf everything is ok, click “Submit” and you’re done!

While this isn’t earth-shattering, amazing news, it is a great new way of adding funds to your account for free while earning miles in the process. There is also the alternative to add funds from a Visa gift card using it as a debit card, but I have yet to try this method, so I will be covering it on a different article.


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