Using e-miles to earn free extra miles

Here’s a quick and easy way to earn free miles for a few seconds of your time every now and then. There is a program called e-miles ( that lets you click on short surveys (usually 3-4 simple questions) to earn from 5-10 miles per survey. You usually get 200-300 miles just for opening up an account and filling out your profile, although their site doesn’t show this promo right now. You can transfer miles to your favorite program in 500 mile increments.

To enroll, simply create an account and link it to your preferred airline or hotel program. The programs currently participating are United, U.S. Airways, Alaska Airlines, Hilton Honors, Priority Club, and a few others.

Once you create an account and set up your email preferences, you will get sporadic email invites to participate in the surveys. It takes less than a minute of your time for each survey, and this is a great way to add free miles to your account and reset the expiration clock on your miles.

E-miles surveys


Once you click on the desired survey, a new window pops up. Here’s a sample of the quick and easy survey, which most of the times I don’t even take the time to actually read:

Disney survey with e-miles


It’s a slow process, but it adds up and it barely takes any time. Another method I use to pad my miles account. Slow and steady wins the race.

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5 Responses to Using e-miles to earn free extra miles

  1. Alicia Kan says:

    Hi Travel Guys! eMiles has launched a brand new, mobile-first site which is more visual and has a better user experience. Apart from surveys, members can snag deals and donate to worthy causes to earn points (we changed the currency from miles to points). Joining is fast and free. We hope you’ll visit the new eMiles!

  2. Ken in MN says:

    They used to be good, but no more. On July 3, 2017, I redeemed 2400 miles for an Amazon gift card. Before I could actually get the gift card code (it can take up to a week, and they don’t email it to you, you have to get it from the redemption history page of your account) they revamped their Website. My login credentials no longer worked, forcing me to create a new account (using the same email address). So I lost my miles and didn’t get my gift card. I’ve written to them repeatedly and have not yet received a human response, let alone resolution of my issue. Avoid!

    • Alicia Kan says:

      Ken, I’m sorry that you’re having a bad experience with eMiles. Your Facebook complaint yesterday was passed to our Member Services team who are already dealing with it. Thank you for the feedback on Facebook and this site, we will use them to further improve our service.

  3. David in CA says:

    eMiles completely changed their website in June 2017 and their system has become dysfunctional. Your rewards get locked into a terminal “pending” status, you do not get many of the points you earn, they never respond to your requests for rectification, many of the offers are now scams to get your personal info, and don’t even think about making a charitable donation for points (you never get the points and cannot get your money back). Major, major waste of your time. They took a decent process and improved it by breaking it. Just check other travel sites and see how they are getting hammered by their own clients.

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