The U.S. Airways MasterCard just keeps on giving

If you’re in the market for a good credit card offer, there is still time to get on the U.S. Airways MasterCard bandwagon. Back in October of last year I got this credit card as part of an app-o-rama. At the time, I was able to get 40,000 U.S. Airways miles for using the card just once, with the fee waived for the first year.


After using the card just once, I put it away and didn’t use it for a few months. As expected, I then received the famous “non-usage” bonus offer, in which you are offered 15,000 bonus miles if you spend $750 in each of the three months immediately following the offer. I met those requirements as well.

Then last month I received yet another targeted offer of 5 miles per dollar spent (up to 2,500 bonus miles) in drugstores, supermarkets and electronic store purchases. I immediately registered for the offer and ran over to a nearby drugstore to purchase a $500 Vanilla Reload card which I then loaded into my BlueBird account, and met the bonus requirement right away. By purchasing the reload card with my U.S. Airways MasterCard I earned an easy 2,500 miles.

A few weeks ago following the advise of this Flyertalk thread, I switched from paperless statements back to receiving the statements in the mail, in the hopes of receiving another targeted offer, which is 500 miles for switching to paperless statements. Sure enough, a few days ago I received the offer, and signed back up for paperless statements.


So just on bonus miles alone I have gotten over 60,000 U.S. Airways miles out of this card if you count the spending done during the 15,000 bonus miles promotion. These miles will eventually become American Airlines miles, so I’m just holding onto them to redeem them for better value after the American/U.S. Airways merger is completed.

While it’s anyone’s guess how long the U.S. Airways MasterCard is going to be around, and even if you will have enough time to wait for the “non-usage” bonus to come around plus 3 months, I think it’s still worth taking a shot at this card just for the sign-up bonus alone.

The best public offer we are aware of can be found at this Flyertalk thread, where you can get 35,000 miles after first using the card, and the annual fee is waived for the first year. The links on that thread are not our affiliate links, so we can’t vouch for them, but everyone reports that they work just fine. However I would just take screen shots if you are applying, just in case.

You can also use our affiliate link on our credit cards page to apply. However, this is NOT the best offer available, since it only offers 30,000 miles and the annual fee is not waived the first year, so if applying, I would take my chances with the Flyertalk thread.

I think of U.S. Airways miles as AA miles at this point pending completion of the merger, so this is a solid card to get to rack up miles that you can redeem in the future with AA.


Disclosure: We receive a commission if you apply for the U.S. Airways MasterCard using our affiliate link (not listed in this article). The Flyertalk link listed above will take you to the best public offer we are aware of (not our affiliate links), and we do not receive any form of compensation from any of those offers. As always, thank you for reading our site. 

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4 Responses to The U.S. Airways MasterCard just keeps on giving

  1. shonuffharlem says:

    How long to get the nonuse special offer? I have waited 3 months never got anything…and is it via email? Thanks!

    • travelguys says:

      There’s no guarantee you’ll get it, of course. I got this card in mid October, used it only once right around that time, and then got the non-use offer at around mid to late December because I remember it was for January, Feb and March spending. I know Joe has been waiting on this offer for a long time and has never gotten it, but his wife did get it, so go figure…I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what triggers the offer.

  2. Jessica says:

    How long did it take for the very first bonus miles to post to your account after your initial purchase?

    • travelguys says:

      Bonus miles will be sent to US Airways at the close of your billing statement after qualifying transaction(s) have been posted.

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