US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus is Back!

US Airways is once again running their 100% bonus on shared miles through December 6, 2013 where you can share miles with another member and received 100% bonus.  The maximum you can transfer is 50,000 miles but it would place 100,000 miles in your recipient’s account.  This offer was available in October at which time I took advantage of it and I may take advantage of it again.


Mile sharing is being done at .01 cent per mile shared plus a processing fee of $30 and a tax recovery charge of 7.5%.  If you transfer the maximum of 50,000 miles it will cost you $567.50.  Given this price you will effectively be buying the “bonus” 50,000 miles at approx. 1.135 cents per mile.

Why share miles?

For me, I will be merging miles into one account for more booking power.  For example in our household both my wife and I have US Airways miles.  Separately they don’t do us as much good because booking on separate booking numbers sometimes is a challenge.  Additionally, when they are separate you may not have enough miles in one account for two award tickets and at the same time you may not have enough miles in the other account for one award ticket. So, we are merging miles into one account which we’ll definitely benefit from and in the process “buying” bonus miles at a great discount.

American Airlines Merger

Last time this was a maybe, but now that the US Airways/American Airlines merger is going to go through, these miles may be even more valuable to my family. Although using them on US Airways is still an option.

Airline Status Leverage

If one of you has US Airways or AA airline status you could benefit further by sharing miles into the account of the member with status.  The member with status can get free bags, waived fees, upgrades…

Coach to Europe Example

Given that a trip to Europe can be had for as low as 35,000 miles you would effectively be able to get a round trip to Europe for $397.25 which is a great deal.

Business or First Class Example

Where the real benefit comes in is when you factor that a flight to Asia is 90,000 miles in Business Class and 120,000 in First Class.  These would run $1021.50 or $1362 respectively at the 1.135 cents per mile rate.  If you priced them out you’d quickly find that this price is WAY less that the cost of those seats if you tried to pay for them outright. Not saying you would, but you could be flying in the front of the plane for the cost of coach or less!

Multiple Share Possibility

Technically, they are capping the share at 50,000 miles per account but you can share from account A to B and then turn around and share again from account B to A.  It would be a higher out of pocket cost, but still could net you a good number of inexpensive miles for use on some really nice flights.

Are you in on this round?

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2 Responses to US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus is Back!

  1. Gordey says:

    This looked like a great opportunity to get enough miles for a trip to Europe with my wife. However, she did not have a US Air account as we have never traveled on US Air for personal travel in the past. I created her an account and then tried to transfer 50,000 miles and got errors saying her account could not receive miles. Reading the fine print I found:

    Offer available for share transactions made between December 2nd 00:00:01 PT and December 6th 2013, 23:59:59 PT. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles. For Gift and Share transactions, the recipient account must also be 12 days old.

    So, I’m going to miss this promotion. Lesson learned here is to have all family members create accounts in all airline and hotel program to take advantage of these types of promotions.

  2. travelguys says:

    Ah! Sorry to hear. I guess the only last ditch effort would be if you have someone you can trust that already has an account, can you transfer them to them instead? Then you could use their miles to book your wife’s ticket, or if you wanted even more miles you could have that person transfer them right back and get 100k for a little over $1,000. Other than that, you can also wait, as this promotion seems to come around every couple of months or so.

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