US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus is Back Again!

US Airways is once again running their 100% bonus on shared miles through April 13, 2014 where you can share miles with another member and received 100% bonus.  The maximum you can transfer is 50,000 miles but it would place 100,000 miles in your recipient’s account.  This offer had been available in October and December.

Mile sharing is being done at .01 cent per mile shared plus a processing fee of $30 and a tax recovery charge of 7.5%.  If you transfer the maximum of 50,000 miles it will cost you $567.50.  Given this price you will effectively be buying the “bonus” 50,000 miles at approx. 1.135 cents per mile.


American Airlines Merger

With the US Airways/American Airlines merger these miles will eventually join forces with your AA miles.  Yesterday’s drastic unannounced American Airlines program changes stripped out some sweet spots, but it’s what we have to work with and still worth booking.

Multiple Share Possibility

Technically, they are capping the share at 50,000 miles per account but you can share from account A to B and then turn around and share again from account B to A.  It would be a higher out of pocket cost, but still could net you a good number of inexpensive miles for use on some high value awards.


Citibank  100,000 AA miles offer still remains as a much better option, but if you’ve already taken advantage of that option and want to buy more miles on the cheap consider this option as an alternative.

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