Shame on United – Airline asks AwardWallet to stop accessing its accounts

Shame on United for just joining the ranks of American Airlines, Delta and Southwest as the latest airline who tells AwardWallet to stop accessing its customer accounts. Just like the other airlines, United cited its “security and privacy concerns” about AwardWallet storing customer frequent flyer account numbers and passwords on its serves. Of course…because us customers buy that…………

Obviously, the real reason these airlines have asked for this is two-fold. First, they want customers to go directly to their site to check their accounts. They don’t want someone else getting the traffic. Second, they would love for you to lose track of your miles expiration date and hopefully lose your miles. Unfortunately this strategy works. American, Delta, Southwest and now United are being sneaky, and it’s catching on around the industry.

I personally believe that as a customer, I should have the option of choosing how and where my personal information is stored. The airlines aren’t doing this to do me a favor or to protect me. They want me to stop using AwardWallet, which is widely accepted in the travel hacking industry as an invaluable tool, for their own benefit.

Fortunately, there is good news. The AwardWallet folks are so smart that they have figured out a way around this. They have issued email addresses to all its customers (, so now you have the option of going to United and setting that up as your email address and have your United statements forwarded to it. From there, AwardWallet takes your miles account information and imports it to your profile, so you can still have this information available and track your miles and their expiration.

I’m planning on tweeting and posting to United’s pages to express our displeasure with this move, and we hope everyone who uses AwardWallet does the same.

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