Tracking all your reward program balances

When you’re deeply involved in the art of travel hacking, it is not uncommon to reach a point when you’re juggling 20-30 different award programs, and tracking their balances and particularly their expiration dates can become really time consuming. Currently, we have over 1.2 million miles and points with 31 different programs. Enter This is our program of choice, and it allows you to enter most of your account balances, and also store your username and passwords for those programs, so you can refresh all your balances at all times literally with the click of a button.

There isn’t a set membership fee. All they ask is that every 6 months, you make a small contribution depending on how much you feel the service is worth to you, so they can keep the site running. No set amount is required, so we usually contribute $5 every six month. It will be the best $5 you ever spent, and it will save you major headaches and time. The best feature AwardWallet has is that it keeps track of your miles and points expiration dates, and will start sending you alert messages a couple of months or so before they are set to expire, so you can take action way in advance.

Three of the major players who refuse to participate are AA, Delta and Southwest. Big thumbs down to them, as the main reason they do it is to force you to go to their own websites. However, there are still ways to add them manually. All you have to do is add a custom program from the AwardWallet menu, and name it something similar, such as @merican @irlines, Deltaaaaaaaa, or something similar to get the program to accept it. You will have to manually update the balances and expiration dates, but at least it will give you some visibility on the miles you have with them.

There are lots of coupon codes out there that you can Google and will give you the first 6 months for free, so go ahead and try it out at


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