Travel tip – don’t forget the free “Fragile” tags

A couple of days ago while we flew out of San Juan back home, I was carrying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue (my favorite spirit!) that my parents had purchased for me during our cruise. While I hardly ever check-in luggage and I travel light and pack smart even when my bags fly free, this time I had no choice but to check my bag since my parents surprised me with the bottle and I had to take it home, so I had to check luggage.

Besides packing the bottle carefully around plenty of clothes and placing it in the middle of the bag away from any edges, as soon as I got to the airport I asked the check-in counter staff to tag my bag as fragile. So they placed 5 large, very conspicuous orange labels with the words “FRAGILE” in it on all sides of the suitcase.


Thankfully my bag and my $200 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue got through a couple of take offs and landings, multiple baggage handlings and two very bumpy flights completely safe.

While I will continue to carry on as much as possible, sometimes situations present themselves as in this particular case when you must check in bags. This is a good way to do as much as possible to tilt the odds in your favor and ensure your valuables get to their destination safely and in one piece.

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  1. Kristina Sullins says:

    Having previously worked for UPS, I can say that I would never put fragile items on anything, especially not a suit case. It is asking to be tossed and extra rough handling! Instead to ensure your item arrives safely, pack it like you want it to arrive in once piece! That means wrapping your expensive bottle in several layers of bubble wrap. Put the bubble wrapped bottle in a box with at least 2 inches of insulating material such as packing peanuts. Just wrapping glass in clothing is not going to ensure your items arrive safely. You are lucky all of your clothes and other items were not ruined in the process. Better than you trying to take care of this yourself, stop at a pack and ship type store and have the experts take care of it! I’m happy your item arrived safely.

  2. katemn says:

    “Bags that have the ‘I love Baggage handlers” tag on it. Yup, I’m that easy.” NOTE: I replaced ALL my “Fragile” Stickers with purchased ‘I love Baggage handlers” new tags!

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