Southwest starts flying internationally

Great news for Southwest fans (guilty!), as Southwest starts flying to the Caribbean, specifically Aruba, Jamaica (Montego Bay) and the Bahamas (Nassau).

Availability starts on July 1st, from Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, and Orlando. Flights from Baltimore will be to all 3 destinations, while Atlanta and Orlando flights will go to Aruba (Saturdays only) and Montego Bay. If you have the Southwest Companion Pass, this is even better news.

A quick search immediately yields one-way flights from Orlando to Aruba in July for $174 or 8,340 points, which is a great deal.

Southwest-InternationalAtlanta to Montego Bay for the same date is just as cheap:

Southwest-Atlanta-ArubaThis is great news, and I’m looking forward to booking flights to one of these destinations soon. I visited Aruba last year on a cruise, and I’ve really been waiting to go back since, as I loved the island, the laid back culture and the beaches. This is a great sign and hopefully Southwest will add more destinations in the future so we can all Get Away.


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4 Responses to Southwest starts flying internationally

  1. Luke says:

    This is great news, very excited about it as well!

    Note: If you’re buying these flights on points, check out the fee on the return flight into the United States. The fee is listed underneath the points required and can be anywhere from $30-$60.

  2. Liz says:

    I was excited when SW began service to Key West from New Orleans, but they are discontinuing all service to KW effective June including flights from Tampa & Orlando. Every time we’ve flown NOLA-KW the flights are packed. Book those flights to the Caribbean before SW changes its mind! Key West is a great destination, but no more Get Away via SW.

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