Southwest joins Rocketmiles!

Southwest has now partnered with Rocketmiles, a service that lets you make reservations through them and earn thousands of frequent flyer miles.


While I haven’t had a chance to personally use Rocketmiles yet, it has been because the hotels available haven’t lined up with my plans, and because I’d rather earn hotel points and stay credits, but the new Soutwest and Rocketmiles partnership is offering 3,000 bonus miles for new Rocketmiles members. Those points, in addition to the regular miles you can earn for a stay, makes it a very lucrative promotion. I looked up availability for a few cities for a couple of nights this summer, and saw bonus points from 5,000 to 11,000 for the dates I searched, which if you couple with the Southwest Companion Pass (which I have), can easily fly you and a companion one-way to your next vacation.

RocketmilesRocketmilesKeep in mind that there is an opportunity cost and you should evaluate whether paying the rates offered for the hotel you want makes sense to you and that you will usually not receive hotel points for your stay, based on user reports. If you’re on a business trip and someone like your employer is paying, it might make sense to book your stay this way and earn the bonus miles. Each situation is different and you should consider the cost and benefit of this offer and whether it fits your travel goals.


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