Reminder – Add your TSA Pre-Check number to existing Southwest reservations

If you had already booked any flights with Southwest prior to them starting their participation in TSA Pre-Check, just remember that you should contact them and add your TSA number, as it will not be added automatically as you check in for your flights.


I have a number of flights booked with Southwest all the way through June 2014, so in my case, I gathered all my confirmation numbers (10 in total), including my wife’s confirmation numbers since she flies with me for free thanks to the Companion Pass, and made a single phone call to Southwest customer service and had the rep add our numbers to all reservations.

TSA Pre-Check is very helpful. We just flew out of Austin and when we got there, the line was a good 30 minutes long. My wife and I got through TSA in a cool 5 minutes, and did not have to remove our shoes, liquids or laptops. This is one of the reservations that I had already booked prior to Southwest TSA Pre-Check participation, so the time it took me to make the phone call was even less than what we would have had to wait in line.

You can get TSA Pre-Check by getting free Global Entry (save $100 fee) courtesy of the American Express Platinum card, and they are both good for 5 years.

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4 Responses to Reminder – Add your TSA Pre-Check number to existing Southwest reservations

  1. Kathleen A. Musso says:

    I have a TSA number and would like to add it to a reservation I already have. I have waited on the phone for over an hour trying to get this done. Thanks

    • Tina says:

      I just finally got thru after being on hold all day for my boss.
      I went with make a change to an existing reservation and they added it for me. Try 1-800-428-4322. I got right thru!

  2. Craig Jackson says:

    I too have been waiting for over an hour to add my wife’s KTN to an existing reservation. Terrible customer service. I have sent them an email asking the to make this addition. Hopefully they respond to me and get it added. Thanks!

  3. Ann Gillespie says:

    For Southwest Airlines, I found this link

    Got there by searching “add rr or ktn to reservation” which lists link to Travel Tools – Manage Air – Add Secure Traveler Information

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