Share household Avios with others!

British Airways Avios has had an option to pool the accounts of those in your household into one and use the Avios miles together.  The main drawback to pooling your accounts is that you could only redeem miles for members of your household account.  Household account members needed to reside at the same address.   Pooling your household accounts together is a great way to make those credit card bonuses more powerful.


I actually set this up earlier this year since my wife had an odd number of miles which would not have gotten us four anywhere.  So I was able to leverage her miles and use them together with mine to complete a trip for four.

Share with Friends

Now you can add up to 5 additional members to your household account as friend and family.  Adding them in this fashion will allow you to use your miles to book flights for any of them.  The only drawback is that once they are on your list they must remain there for six months before you can remove them.  This does not pool their miles into your account, it only allows you to use your miles to purchase tickets for them.

This is a great addition to the program which allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds.

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