New year means re-qualifying for dining programs’ VIP status

The dining reward programs are a great way to earn additional miles when dining out.  They pay from 3-5 additional miles per dollar spent in participating restaurants for each visit.  Earning VIP status allows you to earn 5 points per dollar instead of 3.  VIP is achieved typically by dining 10 times in participating restaurants.  The trick being that small purchases of say, a coffee, qualify as a visit.

Every January 1st, the calendar resets, and you must re-qualify for VIP status again.  Come January 1st, it’s a mad dash for us to re-qualify for VIP status as fast and cheap as possible, so that when that big expensive dinner comes along later in the year, we earn 5 miles per dollar, instead of the usual 3.

There is a small coffee shop nearby that we like visiting for breakfast.  As soon as January starts, we start going for coffee and pastries each morning. Sometimes I will even go as far as having them charge coffee and pastries as two separate transactions. They count as two separate dinners for VIP purposes.  That way after just over 6 or 7 visits during the course of a week, I’ll have the 10-11 dinners that are required by most dining programs, and VIP status.

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