Gogo Internet Free Flight Search

It’s rather amazing that you can be lounging on an airplane while flying at 400+ mph and 30,000+ feet in the air and get internet access using Gogo internet.  Gogo does come at a fee which isn’t too bad, but did you know that typically they allow you to browse the airline’s site unlimited at no cost?


I’ve used this feature a number of times while on American Airline flights to search for award flights on itineraries that I’m looking to fly and would typically spend the time at home to search for anyways.

Basically connect to gogo and spend your extra time in the air searching the award inventory(or paid flights) to find that perfect flight for your next trip.

With more and more flights having wifi this is a good way to consume some of your flight time and being productive for FREE!

Have tips that others could benefit from?

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2 Responses to Gogo Internet Free Flight Search

  1. dany says:

    A lot of times you can get on Facebook and Ebay for free too

  2. travelguys says:

    Really? I haven’t tried that one yet. I did use Gogo on my last Alaska flight (paid) and the only problem I had with Facebook is that some of the pages had too much data for Gogo to handle and they wouldn’t download. Thanks for the tip!

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