Paying my taxes online and earning miles for it

A few months ago we wrote about a way you can earn Delta miles for paying your federal income taxes. After finally completing my federal income taxes using TurboTax, it was time to pay my balance due. I purposely underpay my taxes each year so I don’t give the IRS an interest-free loan, so earning miles on top of it is the icing on the cake.

Paying your taxes with a credit card is expensive because of the fees, but there is a payment service called that lets you use a debit card to pay your balance due and estimated tax payments, and they charge a flat fee of $3.49 per payment, which is well worth it if you’re earning a bunch of miles on a single payment, which is what I planned on doing. I have the SunTrust Delta debit card, which nets you 1 Delta mile for every dollar spent. Last year this card offered 30,000 Delta miles as a sign-up bonus, but it is currently offering only 5,000 miles and a not-waived $75 annual fee.

As soon as I completed my return, I went to the site and selected the Make a Payment option under personal taxes.

PayUSA tax

Then selected “Pay your 1040 Balance Due Tax Year 2012” and filing location (U.S.):

PayUSA tax

On the next screen, enter the amount you owe, and fill out your personal information.

Then on the next screen, select your payment method as Debit Card.

Paying taxes - debit card

On the final screen you will be able to review all your information. Make sure your SSN is correct and so is your Total Payment Amount. The total payment will have the added $3.49 flat fee (which is tax deductible) and the payment will be posted by the IRS on the same date and time that you receive a payment confirmation from

PayUSAtax payment confirmation

Immediately after I submitted my payment I received a confirmation screen where you can print all the details, and I also received an email confirmation for the payment. The process was extremely easy to follow and very efficient. Nothing like earning free miles for something you have to do anyway.



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