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As you may have read through ViewFromTheWing or other sources already Iberia has devalued  or released a chart showing their higher than BA partner award rates and there is huge speculation that British Airways will follow suit.

A few reasons to believe this is that both airlines are jointly owned and they allow you to transfer miles between the programs.

  • Is there a change coming to the British Award chart and when?  I seriously don’t know if or when, but in all reality with some of the short-haul rates on pricey tickets to the Caribbean I don’t expect this to stick around forever.
  • If they change the chart will it match the Iberia chart? No clue, but if they change the chart by 50% or by 400% it’ll be more points that we would have to dish out!

This is a huge threat particularly for me and others that love their short-haul rates to the Caribbean from Miami!

Mommy Points seems to be a bit more calm on the situation believing that the BA would notify us ahead of time and also believing the airline’s social media channels.  I would say “I trust NO LOYALTY PROGRAM”.  After many other upsets from other programs, I don’t expect to gamble here.

FreeTravelGuys Stance

So what’s my stance?  I’m booking those few flights to the Caribbean that I was thinking of doing anyways and a few others just in case!  My return to Costa Rica and St. Martin are booked and I’m working on my flights Barbados to checkout the Radisson there and also Jamaica to checkout the new Hyatt in Montego Bay.

With beaches like this all over the Caribbean I can’t wait for my next trip at the current rates!

Westin-Dawn-Beach2 Westin-Dawn-Beach


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