Flights open to Cuba on American Airlines!

American Airlines has officially opened their schedule for direct service to Cuba.  They have been flying these routes for some time but tickets were sold through charters.


Removing the charters from the process and with other airlines competing for the space should ease the process of booking, help lower the prices of flights, and also should eventually open more competition for paid and award seats.

Currently flights in September are pricing as low as $286 and award seats are also available, with off peak awards at 12,500 miles each way, and 15,000 miles at the Saver space. Awards must be booked as a roundtrip, must be booked over the phone, and originate in the U.S. Currently you cannot find award seats on American’s website, so a good alternative is to find award space on ExpertFlyer before calling American.

Flights will begin as follows:

September 7th to Cienfuegos and Holguin
September 9th to Camaguey and Santa Clara
September 11 to Varadero

Havana is oddly enough not on the list yet but I’m sure it will be on the list at some point.  Varadero is close enough to Havana as well so you could fly into Varadero if your goal is to get to Havana.

Also via The Points Guy there are reports that Avios awards are pricing at 4,500 one-way, since the new 7,500 price only applies to U.S. domestic flights.

Technically there are still some restrictions when it comes to traveling to Cuba but they seem to be rather broad categories.


Not sure about you, but I can’t wait to see more award seats and competition for these routes! Of course, with all things Cuba, there’s always this.

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