Expiring miles and points? Consider transferring them to other programs.

You should never sit on miles and points, because they tend to devalue fast over time. There are also times when you redeem points for an award, and you have a small amount of points left on your account that you have no use for. Or maybe you got those points via a free-promotion, and they aren’t really enough to redeem for an award. Whatever the case might be, there are ways to dispose of those points if they are about to expire.

Points.com is a service that lets you track your miles and points balances (although we prefer AwardWallet). The main difference between these two services is that Points.com will let you transfer miles and points between programs. The transfer rate is horrendous, and that’s how they make their money, but if you have 750 Frontier Airlines miles that you got on a free promotion (my own case), you will never use them and they are about to expire, it is better to convert them into 115 AA miles and get something out of them than losing them altogether.

Frontier AA exchange

Taking an inventory of my own miles and points, I have the following pesky amounts on these accounts:

– Virgin America  –  1,000 miles

– Choice Privileges  – 1,000 points

– La Quinta  –  5,900 points

Using the La Quinta example, you can choose whether you want to move more points into a program, or move points out, and then Points.com will give you the options and the rates at which you can transfer to other programs.

La Quinta transfer

In the next screen, you can view your results.

La Quinta - Hawaiian exchange

In my case, the most attractive option is transferring those points to Hawaiian Airlines, since once I have 5,000 Hawaiian miles I can transfer them at a ratio of 1:2 and get 10,000 Hilton Honors points. Better to get 1,352 Hawaiian miles than simply losing 5,900 La Quinta points and getting nothing for them.

You can use Points.com to view all your choices, and when you have expiring miles and points and you have no viable way of resetting their expiration date, you can use this option to at least get something valuable out of them before they go away for good.

In the miles and points world there is almost always a solution to every problem.

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