Booking our AA flight – surprise, no taxes!

A few weeks ago I told the story about the $2,400 worth of free AA vouchers that my in-laws received due to their delayed flight out of Madrid back into the U.S. They don’t travel a lot and the vouchers are only good for a year. Since they love their son-in-law and his crazy hobby, they just told us we could use them if we needed them (I see a really nice holiday present in the future).

We’re planning a trip to Washington D.C., so we decided to use part of the vouchers. You do not have to use the whole thing at once, but the total price has to be less than the total voucher amount available. We put two tickets on hold with American Airlines for 24 hours, which you can do for free, and decided to think about it until the next day, and then we went ahead and booked them and paid with the vouchers. This was the price of the tickets when we put them on hold:


This was the price after we purchased and paid for the flight with the voucher:


I started digging around, and it turns out that the price at the time we booked had gone down a little, so I thought that was the reason for the big difference, but then we received the following confirmation email:


It turns out that the vouchers that we received expressly say that no taxes are charged for their use. This was quite a nice surprise we weren’t expecting.

I’m loving the vouchers because not only did we not pay for them, but they are like real money, so whenever we use them, we will earn miles for the flight. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

So whenever you have a problem with your flight, speak up. You might get one of these vouchers, fly for free again, and save some more in taxes and fees on top of it!

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