American Airlines Main Cabin Extra

Late in 2012 American Airlines introduced their Main Cabin Extra seats which provide extra legroom as well as early boarding.  The seats are typically sold for an additional fee unless you are Platinum or Elite Platinum or you are flying on a full fare ticket.


Temporary for Gold

Until December 31, 2013 American Airlines is extending the free upgrade to Main Cabin Extra seats to AA Gold members.  Oddly enough though, their system is allowing you to pick the enhanced seats even on 2014 flights. Seems like it is allowed as long as you pick the seats by December 31st.  The terms read:

“To celebrate the launch of this new seating product, we are offering our AAdvantage® Gold and oneworld® Ruby members complimentary access to Main Cabin Extra seats through December 31, 2013.”

This is great if you have AAdvantage Gold  or oneworld Ruby!  If so, you should take a few minutes and update your seats.  I earned Gold last week but already have 6 flights scheduled into 2014 which I went back and updated with the better seats.

Preferred Seats

American Airlines also has what they call Preferred Seats.  These are standard legroom seats which are simply in better locations within the aircraft.  They are also normally offered for an additional fee, but free to ANY level of status including Gold Status.

British Airways Awards

If you are (like me) a fan of British Airways for short distance award flights to the Caribbean on American Airlines metal, there is a way to book your award ticket, remove your British Airways frequent flyer number from the reservation, and embed your American Airlines frequent flyer number into the reservation.  Points Summary has a good overview on doing this.  By following these steps, the system will allow you to pick your seats on AA ahead of time and if you have AAdvantage status it will also let you pick Main Cabin Extra seats or Preferred Seats.

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