American Airlines is back on AwardWallet!

Finally a little bit of good news on the AwardWallet/American Airlines saga. After dropping out of AwardWallet over a year ago, it seems like AA has finally come to its senses and have allowed AwardWallet to start supporting its product again.


This is great news since now we can stop tracking AA manually. If you’re not familiar with AwardWallet, it is a wonderful product that allows you to keep track of all your miles and points, as well as your family members’, while also tracking their expiration dates and sending you alerts when any points are approaching their expiration. To learn more about AwardWallet, you can refer to this prior article.

Hopefully Delta, United and Southwest follow?

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2 Responses to American Airlines is back on AwardWallet!

  1. For Delta, United or Southwest to follow AwardWallet would likely have to pay them, too. After all, that’s how they got the access back at AA.

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