Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounges SEA & LAX

While I was flying to Seattle for a quick bite to eat, I was able to check out the Alaska Airlines Board Room lounges at both Los Angeles and Seattle airports.  I was flying American Airlines but was able to gain access by finally using my Priority Pass card which comes complementary as a benefit of having the American Express Platinum card.

LAX Alaska Airlines Board Room

Although not a huge lounge, their Board Room had plenty of space.  One nice thing as opposed to AA lounges is that they seem to have soup at both of the Board Rooms I visited.  They did have a sign stating that there is a 3 drink maximum on the complementary alcoholic drinks.  On a good note though, the beer selection at both was also much better than your typical offering at the AA lounges.

Alaska-LAX Alaska-LAX-2 Alaska-LAX-3 Alaska-LAX-4 Alaska-LAX-Bar Alaska-LAX-Seating


Seattle Alaska Board Room

In Seattle the lounge offerings were very similar.  The only real difference I could find was that it is a much larger lounge.  They have an area with quiet seating on the first floor and more regular seating on the second floor.

Alaska-SEA Alaska-SEA-2 Alaska-SEA-3 Alaska-SEA-5 Alaska-SEA-6


Overall the lounges were nice and uncrowded.


Remember that the Amex Platinum alone doesn’t offer access to the Alaska Airlines Board Room lounges.  You must register your Amex, wait for the Priority Pass card to arrive, and have your Priority Pass card present.  This is free if you have the American Express Platinum but does take a few weeks to receive your Priority Pass card, so do it as soon as you can.

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