AA targeted Platinum status offer – mileage running for status

A few weeks ago I received a surprise email from American Airlines telling me I had been targeted to participate in their Platinum challenge:

AA-PlatinumWhile they were just giving me the complimentary status until the end of the year, the offer also came with a challenge in which I could fly 12,000 elite qualifying miles or earn the same amount in elite qualifying points by the end of the year, and I would keep the status until February 2016. The offer also came with 20 complimentary 500-mile upgrades just for signing up, so it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I already had some flights planned for vacation and work, which were adding to approximately 3,600 miles. I would still need a lot more to complete the challenge. So I booked myself on the craziest mileage run, which I will be completing later on this year.

MapI was on the fence on whether to take up the challenge or not, especially with such a grueling run, but Joe was kind enough to share two of his systemwide upgrades that he couldn’t use, so I’ll be doing 5 of my 7 segments on first class. Not a bad run after all.

This offer is targeted, so you can’t just sign up for it. There is, however, paid Platinum and Gold challenges that you can complete by requesting them from American and earning a certain amount of points (not miles in this case), so deeply discounted fares will count a lot less than the amount of miles you’re flying, so the challenge isn’t as lucrative as the free challenge I received. The opposite is true of first class fares.

For additional information on the paid challenge and to decide whether you want to sign up, you can refer to this Flyertalk thread and read the Wiki post. There are no challenges offered for Executive Platinum, American’s top tier status.

Have you received a similar offer or have done mileage running in the past? I’d love to read your comments.


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